Saturday Snicker: A Polka Dottie Piggie Goes for an Unexpected Swim!

As everyone knows, really funny dog events often just happen spontaneously!   Some of my favorite dog memories center around spontaneous silly events that I could never have planned.  These kinds of things just seem to “happen,” and this week, I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat to an epic event!

Earlier this week, while I was doing some laundry, Rugby had been herding me with one of his little polka dottie piggies!  Yes, I know that’s a surprise to you, but it’s true.  He was in rare form, and he was being persistent and insistent in trying to sucker me into play with him!  My laundry room is definitely not big enough for me, a bag of laundry, Rugby, and a grunting polka dottie piggie!

I knew I was going to have to come up with something to get him off of my leg and out of his herding mentality, so I grabbed his piggie and tossed it back over my shoulder.  I didn’t know where it went, and frankly didn’t care.  I just knew that it was going to land in the kitchen, and that was good enough.  It was out of the room, and far away from my legs!

I heard Rugby bark his signature “help me” bark, which is always two sharp little barks.  “Bark Bark!”  He will pause, and wait to see if anyone will come to his aid.  After maybe fifteen seconds, he will repeat his little “Bark Bark!” And he waits.  He’s so patient, and so persistent in reminding me that he needs an extra paw!  And unless I hop to it and help him, he’s not going to walk away from whatever he wants or needs!!  And maybe more notable is that fact that he’s also not going to stop his little “Bark Bark” which can grate on my nerves after a few minutes!

So of course when I heard Rugby’s little “Bark Bark,” I had to go and rescue my little dog!  When I reached the kitchen, and I saw what he was barking at, I laughed so hard at what I saw!!  When I had tossed his little piggie over my shoulder, I had somehow managed to toss it right into his nearly full water bowl!  He was visibly  a bit anxious and unsure about how to rescue his little piggie from the water, and equally upset that there was a polka dottie piggie swimming in his water bowl preventing him from getting a drink!  I managed to make a cute video of the moment, and that’s our Saturday Snicker for you today!

Have a good giggle courtesy of Rugby James!


Saturday Snicker: Another Daddy Nappy Noodle

Rugby is the original snuggle pup.  He absolutely is!  For years, all of my previous dogs have been dogs who enjoyed being affectionate with me, but Rugby takes it to a whole new level!  He’s a Velcro dog, and he just can’t get close enough when he wants a snuggle or a nap….or more often than not…..a “snuggle nap.”  He’s great at multi-tasking naps with snuggles, and those are his very favorite types of naps!  He enjoys a good pretzel nap if a snuggle nap is not readily available, but if he can find a snuggle buddy, he’s all in!

Over the recent holiday, Michael was home for the afternoon, and he loves sneaking in an afternoon nap when he can.  He’s always enjoyed naps on the floor, where the surface is hard, and his back can get a good flat surface.

You can just imagine the delight that Rugby feels when he sees his Daddy settle on the floor for a nice afternoon nap! He comes running….all four paws excitedly headed toward the object of his good fortune.

I was able to capture this recent nappy noodle in its various stages, and so I present that photo montage to you….for your giggling pleasure on an otherwise boring Saturday!!  Enjoy a Saturday snicker from Rugby James!

This was the moment that Michael had laid down and Rugby climbed into his favorite spot!!


He was looking a bit pensive, because he knew that I was lurking with my camera phone!


He tolerated the first close up photo….


But quickly let me know how he really felt about this photo shoot! Rugby often pouts when he realizes that I’m taking photos, and those ears tell me how he really feels about it!


As he settled into his nap, he got into one of his favorite napping positions, a tight curl with his snoot poked down into his fluffy tail.  He always enjoys using his Daddy’s legs or bum as his pillow for propping up his head!


Before long, he morphed into a sprawled nap, working into his “sunny side up” position!


When Rugby gets into a deeper sleep, he often opens his mouth, and since he’s lacking most of his front teeth, I’m always treated to a little bit of a tongue out photo, which I absolutely love!!

These are the sweet moments that I always cherish so much with Rugby.  He’s really such a dear little dog, and it’s such a blessing to me to share this side of him with the world!


Saturday Snicker: Oh the Things You Can Hide in One Small Dog Bed!

This first photo looks like one small dog spilling out of a dog bed right?  You’re partly right!  Rugby takes anything he really values, right to his bed.  It’s something that I always find so very endearing about him!  Any new toy, any special snack, his very favorite old toys….he always takes them to his bed!  He has four beds at home, in different areas of the house, and he generally takes his treasures to the bed that’s closest to me!

He’s honestly my little shadow at home, and never wants to be very far away from me.  I know that some of this behavior is a result of his anxiety, but some of it, is because Rugby is a little dog who really loves to snuggle, and he always wants to be as close to me as he can possibly get!

He often plops right down on his bed, and when I walked into the bedroom, I saw one small dog on his bed, and a green piggie on the floor next to him.

He decided that he might really need his little piggie in his bed with him, which isn’t at all unusual!  I’m very accustomed to waking up to Rugby rolling over on one of his piggies, and said piggie grunting a loud complaint about Rugby squishing him in the middle of the night!

I decided to snap some photos, just to see if I could get anything cute, and Rugby offered his best opinion about the “pupparazzi” spoiling his moment with his green piggie!!

I was actually excited, because I don’t think I’ve ever captured a really good “tongue out” photo of Rugby!  Once he sees that I’m going to take a photo, he flattens his ears and stops smiling.  I generally bribe him with treats to get cute expressions on his face and pretty ears.

After the photos, he decided he didn’t want to stick around for more “pupparazzi” moments, so he got up from his bed and walked a few steps and sat down to look at me.  I love this little face and those two eyes of his that peak out at me through all of the fluffy speckled fur that frames his face.  He has such sincere eyes, and they study my face with such depth and emotion.  I just love that about Rugby.  I really do.

And after I had petted him, and told him again, how much I loved him, I looked back at his dog bed, and saw a big surprise!!

He had been laying on an orange piggie and his supper dish as well as half an elephant!  How he can fit all of those things in the smallest of his dog beds is a mystery to me!  It honestly never, ever seems to be a bother to him, and he doesn’t skip a beat!

These are the little moments that I treasure in my day to day life with Rugby James.  I think all dog owners can relate to the little quirky things that make our dogs unique and special to us.  I hope this post has brought a smile to your faces, and I hope it will make your treasure your own dogs or remember a special moment in time with them.

Much love from Rugby James and Mama Sally.


Saturday Snicker: A Rugby Dogger Joke

Rugby James:

I really doesn’t know why the Mama doesn’t let me tell more jokes!  I’m really good at telling them!  I gots great timing, and I doesn’t mess up the punch line…..well mostly I doesn’t mess up the punch line!!

So for your Saturday giggling pleasure, the Mama is letting me tell a really good joke….mostly on account of I just wore her down by bugging her!!  This one is a really good dogger training joke, too, so I fink that helped!!

Question:  What do you call a dogger wif no legs?

Answer:  It really doesn’t matter on account of he’s not gonna come anyhow!!


Enjoy your Saturday and be sure to make room for sum silliness, courtesy of Rugby James!