Product Review: Caveman’s Crazy Good Dog Treats

As a small business owner, and small time dog blogger, naturally, I like and support small, quality businesses!  We live in a day and age of huge businesses, and while sometimes that’s good….I still think that there’s a whole lot to be said for a “Mom and Pop” type of business, because those owners have extra personal pride and heart in what they do!  Small business owners generally go the extra mile in choosing quality ingredients and often have stellar customer service, and that’s something that’s worth paying a little extra for….as well as the thought that you’re actually making a very real difference in the lives of those small business owners.

I’ve been a Facebook friend with one of the company’s owner for probably three years now.  Deb Maloney, her husband Bob, and her dog “Caveman” were one of the first friends who became regular visitors at Rugby’s Facebook page, and, over time, a very nice friendship has resulted. Some time ago, Bob and Deb sent Rugby a bag of Caveman’s Crazy Good Dog Treats to give to Rugby, and I offered to try them out and write an honest review for them.  Because we are Facebook friends, I took this opportunity to interview them, and here’s what I learned about what goes into making these homemade treats!!

A few years ago, their Mama dog, Sadie, started having serious seizures at the age of 7. They started making all of her food and treats to keep them as preservative free as possible in hopes that it would help with the seizures and extend her life.  They used the same grades of food that they ate themselves, and believe that it helped with the quality and length of time that Sadie lived.

Sadie: The inspiration behind Caveman’s Crazy Good Dog Treats!

Bob is the creator behind all of the treat recipes, and “Caveman,” Rugby’s BFF, is the official taste tester!  If he doesn’t give the treats two paws up, the public never sees them!!  (And just between you and I, don’t hold your breath waiting for any blueberry treats.  Apparently Caveman gave that idea the boot!!)  Once Caveman approves the treat, a small sampling is given to their daughter to use as gifts for her dog grooming clients.  If her clients like the treats, they go into pre-production!

Caveman….Sadie’s son and the “Official Taste Tester!”

This is where I was really amazed at the thorough process that is used before you and I ever see these treats!  Once the treats go into pre-production, a sample is sent to a lab in Oklahoma to be tested for crude fiber, moisture, k-calories, and crude fat. When the lab is finished, the results are sent off to the Texas Department of Agriculture.  The department who approves the treats is the AAFCO.  The AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), is a regulatory commission that is run by the FDA. They are basically the pet side of the FDA equation, and they are the governing board who approves the product so that it can be added to Caveman’s inventory.

When the specific new treat is added to Caveman’s inventory, they are freshly baked and bagged….all from home!  In the recipes that have meat, it is the first ingredient, and it’s human grade….just like you or I would eat.  The treats are dehydrated in an effort to remove as much moisture as possible.  That extends their shelf life without having to add any preservatives or artificial ingredients.  To help them last as long as possible, it is recommended that you refrigerate the treats, right in their bag.  However, the shelf life is 3-5 months, just in case you wondered!

Rugby always likes anything that comes in the mail with his name on it!!  When I opened the box, he was naturally curious to know if there was anything it if for him!  The bag of treats was packed very well with plenty of packing so that the bag wasn’t crushed or crunched in any way, protecting the treats nicely inside.

When I first pulled the bag out of the packing box, I thought that it was the cutest treat bag, and loved the homespun simple look of brown paper bag with custom stickers identifying what was inside.  I loved the fact that it looked professionally homemade rather than mass produced in a factory, and I saw “Caveman’s” photo, the dog that I love, staring out at me from the top of the bag.  I also immediately saw a red stamp in the shape of Texas on the bag with “Go Texan” under it.  Those small touches made me smile.  When someone adds those types of little personal touches to the bag that holds the treats, I always hope that the treats themselves will show the same level of care!  It was clear that love had been baked into each little bite that peeked out at me through the little window in the bag.

Turning the bag over, I saw the information I wanted to know about what was inside!!  The ingredients are plain, simple, clean and healthy:  Peanut Butter, Flour, Oats, Low Sodium Beef Stock.  That’s it!  No additives, preservatives, or artificial coloring!  Just the type of treat that I like to choose for Rugby!

The front of the bag said that the training nibs were “peanut butter and bacon,” but I didn’t see any bacon or pork in the ingredients list.  Frankly, for me….that’s perfectly fine, because Rugby and I lovingly support a rescue pig in a wonderful West Virginia animal sanctuary ( see  Because of our pig Oliver, I choose not to eat any pork products, and honestly try not to offer those to Rugby as well because there are many other meat protein sources for him.

When I opened the bag, there really wasn’t any smell to the treats to distinguish any specific flavor.  I only knew that they were peanut butter and bacon because the label told me so.  For anyone with a sensitive nose, this might be something helpful!  As a dog trainer, however, I was looking at the treats through a dog training lens, because they were labeled as “training nibs.”

To be successful in training a dog, I think it’s a great idea to have several different types of dog treats with each one having a different “value.”  Dog food kibbles might have a value of 1, and fresh meat would have a value of 10, for example.  However, there are eight other values between the two, and it’s helpful to have treats with values falling from 2-9.  Various training situations will be successful when an owner chooses the right treat value for that specific training moment.  Only your dog can tell you what the value of this specific treat might be.  I can only tell you Rugby’s perspective on them!

When I poured a few treats into my hand, I have to say that I honestly loved the fact that all of them were different sizes.  They ranged in size from about a quarter to a dime, and I really did love that!  It just confirmed to me that these treats had been lovingly and carefully handmade especially for my Rugby James.  It made me smile!

The treats were very easily broken into smaller pieces, but they did crumble a bit like a soda cracker would.  I’m sure Rugby could smell them, because he was very interested in these marvelous items in my hand!  As I handed him one, he scarfed it right down, licked his chops and looked for more!  When I hold a piece of food out for him, Rugby rarely investigates things that smell good…he definitely eats first and asks questions later!

For me, in my standard training sessions with Rugby, I found that I couldn’t really break the treats small enough to work for what I normally like to do.  Generally, when I am doing a training session, I like to use training treats that are sized about like a piece of dog kibble.  I just couldn’t work with these in that capacity, because they crumbled when I tried to break the larger pieces to fit what I needed.

Instead, I found myself using these treats when I needed a quick reward in the kitchen.  Times when they came in very handy were when I needed to switch on the garbage disposer and didn’t want Rugby to react to the noise. Or…when Rugby saw a squirrel outside the kitchen window and I needed to redirect his focus and attention to work instead of barking and bouncing at the window!  It was great that I could keep two or three out in a small dish on the kitchen counter for that purpose.  Because they didn’t have a strong smell and because they weren’t soft treats, they were just perfect to use in those types of training situations for Rugby.

They stayed fresh for several weeks, but as recommended, I kept them in the refrigerator.  The package was a homespun brown paper bag, but it had a cellophane lining top to bottom inside.  The opening of the bag had a built in wire closure, so I could simply roll down the top of the bag, bend the wires closed, and seal the bag.  I like easy to close bags, and many of the “self sealing” bags, simply aren’t!  This bag was easy to use, and the smaller size meant that it didn’t hog a huge space in the refrigerator!

These Peanut Butter and Bacon Training Nibs are only one type of treat that is offered at “Caveman’s” Etsy store.  Other offerings include Chicken and Vegetable, Beef and Vegetable, Chicken Jerky and Beef Jerky.  A brand new treat is undergoing the pre-production process now, and is expected to join the line soon.  Only the training nibs are available in bite sized pieces.  The other treats are available in standard dog biscuit form, which are too large to be used as a training reward, but would make a great healthy special treat to reward a vet visit, nail trim, groomer visit, etc.  The prices of the treats range from $5.25 (5 oz bag) for the training nibs, to $15.99 (8 oz bag) for the jerky treats. They offer a choice in shipping preferences, so you can adjust your cost depending upon your shipping method.

The treats are available locally at Cypress Ace Hardware store in Cypress for my Texas readers, and also through Heather’s Mobile Pet Salon, but most folks will find them online at their Etsy store, “Caveman’s Creations.”  Here’s a link for you:

You’re also going to want to check out their Facebook page, because currently, there’s a great coupon being offered through this week.  If you buy $25 in treats, you’ll get a $5 discount!!  That’s a great incentive to give these treats a try!  Here’s the link:

Disclaimer:  Rugby James received one bag of Caveman’s Crazy Good Peanut Butter and Bacon Training Nibs free of charge.  I offered to provide an honest review and was not compensated by Caveman’s Creations in any way.  All opinions expressed are my own.   I only share products that I like and think will interest my readers.







Product Review: Barkworthies Salmon Skin Twists

I’m a bit particular about the snacks that I feed Rugby.  I don’t personally believe that over-indulging a dog with treats and goodies is healthy for them….physically or mentally or emotionally.  Let’s face it: many of our dogs would just eat themselves into oblivion if they are given a chance…much like me around a cheesecake!  Overindulging a dog with treats and snacks can also create a “spoiled child” attitude, causing some dogs to feel a sense of entitlement making them much more difficult to live with at home.

At my house, Rugby earns his regular treats by doing work, which could be a simple trick or command.  Extra special treats like the Salmon Skin Twists are given after Rugby puts up with a nail trim or bath or brushing….things he normally really doesn’t like.  When I can tie in his cooperation with a really tasty snack reward, I don’t mind indulging him with something that’s very extra special.  His cooperation has earned him something extra special, and believe me….he knows it!!

It’s because I don’t feed a lot of special snacks that I pay close attention to the ones that I do feed!  I’m a big Barkworthies fan!  Their tag line is “Naturally Healthy. Naturally Happy.”  That says a lot about the care that they put into the products that they create for our dogs.  Many of the products that I like best are single ingredient.  That means that there’s only one ingredient in the product.  I know exactly what I’m giving Rugby, and because they keep their treats nice and clean without extras, it makes me feel like I’m giving Rugby something that I would make for him myself if I had the time to do so!  What a great help this is for busy pet parents who care deeply about what treats they are giving to their dogs!

Recently, I was given an opportunity to do a product review of Barkworthies New Salmon Skin Twists, from their gourmet line of chews. I’ve wanted to try a Salmon skin type of treat for a long time, so I was very excited to see how Rugby would like them!  Salmon skin treats are a fairly new thing for dogs, and Rugby really loves Salmon, so I was very happy to give these a try!

Many of these types of extra special chews are huge, and that can present big challenges for me!  First of all, Rugby is only 23 pounds, so he needs a treat sized for a smaller dog.  Many of the treats I’ve seen in my favorite local pet store are big enough for a retriever, and just won’t work for us.  Rugby would be thrilled to get a huge treat, but he has some tummy troubles if he eats too much special food in one sitting. Because he guards resources, once he has something, he’s not giving it up without a fight! So I typically like to find either special snacks that are small enough that he can eat the entire treat in one sitting without getting sick, or I look for larger treats that I can easily cut or break into smaller pieces to accomplish that same goal.

Rugby was very interested in the mail the day that this treat arrived!  He was fascinated with the mailer, so these treats must really carry an interesting smell for dogs.  I didn’t notice anything through the mailer, and I have to say that Rugby’s hopeful look made me smile!  He loves to get mail, and when it smells yummy, he’s even more excited!

The chew came fully wrapped in a plastic shrink wrap.  I didn’t smell anything when I got it out of the mailer, or even when I cut the plastic wrap open.  With fishy treats, one never knows about these things!!  I use Salmon treats for training, and my clients often complain about how “stinky” they are.  Frankly, as a dog trainer, I know that dogs tend to be more crazy about things that have a strong smell, so I often look for treats that are more appealing to them!  I didn’t notice any fishy stink with these treats at all, if that’s a consideration.

Its always a challenge to find a great special treat that can be cut or broken into smaller pieces for Rugby.  The Salmon Skin Twists are 8″ long, so they are too big for one sitting with him to keep him from tummy trouble!  However, the treats broke very easily into “Rugby-sized” pieces, so I was very pleased to see that he can have a good chunk that is 2-3″ long as his snack.  The skin is thin, so even though these chews look thick, they easily break up very nicely.  This would be especially important for my readers who have toy sized small dogs who would not be able to manage all of one of the standard chews in one sitting.

Because of the Salmon, these treats are a bit gooey with the Salmon oil which is inherent with a treat like this.  When I broke the treat off for him, my fingers had a good bit of “coating” of Salmon oil on them.  After I broke and gave Rugby his snack, I found that I needed to wash my hands right away before touching anything else.  This was no trouble at all for me, but if someone wanted to use this as a hiking snack, or snack while out and about,  you’ll want to be sure that you have wet wipes handy!  If you want to break them into smaller pieces ahead of time, or give your dog the entire chew at one time, you won’t find that your fingers are gooey at all.  You can also break the treat easily right within the wrapper, and then open it to give the snack to your dog, so there are easy ways to avoid the goo with a little planning!

The tag on the treat said that when the treat gets wet, there may be some color transfer from the product, so these might not be the treat you’d like to give your pooch when he’s hanging out on white carpeting, or the back seat of your car!  I definitely think that there could be oil or goo transfer to carpet or upholstery if you gave your dog the entire stick at one time.  However, if you break the treat into smaller bits as I did, I don’t think that you’d have any problems with this at all.  This treat was so yummy that Rugby didn’t want to put it down at all, and the size that I had given him was something that he could easily manage to keep in his mouth while munching.

I was honestly surprised at the loud crunching I heard coming from Rugby as he enjoyed his treat.  I did expect some levels of crunch, but these were like potato chip crunching from start to finish!  It really made me smile,  I have to admit!  I think Rugby enjoyed that sound as well, and he sure didn’t waste any time scarfing down his portion in record time!

Barkworthies adds no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.  There is nothing artificial in this product!  The single ingredient is “Salmon Skin.”   So this chew is simply dried Salmon skin, and I found that it was crunchy and lightly crisp, which I just wasn’t expecting at all when I took it out of the wrapper!  The country of origin is Australia.  The nutritional breakdown is as follows:

Crude Protein Min 62%, Crude Fiber Min 33.4%, Crude Fat Min 0.2%, Moisture Max 5.8%

These chews are jam-packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for healthy skin and coat!  Rugby has such a unique and gorgeous coat, and I like any kind of food that will keep it looking really great and feeling soft!  The fact that these chews have good essential fats make them heart healthy and that can also boost Rugby’s immunity!  Because they are high protein, they are perfect for active dogs who are on the go.  They easily pack into a bag for hiking trips or a day spent at the lake swimming when you need to give your dog a bit of a calorie boost!

Rugby and I completely agree that Barkworthies has hit another home run with these Salmon Skin Twist chews!  Rugby gives them four paws up!

As always, when your dog is eating any kind of treat or chew, please supervise him to be sure that he’s safe.

Rugby James received one Barkworthies Salmon Skin Twist Chew, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.  I only review products that I think my readers will be interested in.








Product Review: Barkworthies USA Sweet Potato Chips

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a new treat that we had never tried before:  Barkworthies USA Sweet Potato Chips!  I’ve often wanted to try sweet potato treats for Rugby, but the ones I’ve seen are so thick and big that I have felt just sure that I would set him up for some tummy troubles if I let him eat an entire big, thick treat!!  The dog trainer comes out in me as well, and I always think of making Rugby earn his treats, and not offering excessive amounts on a regular basis.

I was really delighted to check out these treats, because they fit the bill on many of the things that are important to me as a dog owner.

  • They are all natural with NO preservatives and NO fillers
  • They have one single ingredient: Sweet Potato!
  • There is no added sugar
  • They are grain free
  • They are resourced in the USA
  • I can easily break them into small pieces for Rugby
  • Their treats are completely digestible
  • They are eco-friendly

Here’s the Barkworthies Mission:  “At Barkworthies® we believe that simpler is better. Barkworthies treats and chews are completely digestible and contain absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. We only use the best ingredients and most of our products contain only a single ingredient. What could be simpler?”

I really love that mission!!  I’m a big fan of single ingredient treats as well, because that way, I really do know what I’m giving to Rugby.  I like picking up a bag and looking at the ingredient list and seeing a product that I recognize:  in this case Sweet Potato!  So simple and so healthy!

Treats really are a “treat” at my house.  I don’t indulge Rugby in lots of food treats, because as a dog trainer, I don’t think that food is really the “treat” that our dogs want from us.  What they want is our undivided time.  They want to know that they matter to us.  They want us to leave other things aside to focus on them alone.  I do believe that food treats are a wonderful part of that equation, but the food treats supplement other things that I’m already doing with Rugby.  Because I don’t do a lot of food treats for him, when I do give them to him, I try to be careful and give him higher quality treats that I know are healthy for him, and also something that he’s really going to love!

The typical times that Rugby will get a very special treat is after a nail trim, bath, or vet visit, for example.  He’s not a big fan of any of those situations, so when he’s a good sport about it and allows me to put him in those situations, I always try to reward him with something special to make the experience more tolerable for him.  He’s quick to remind me after a nail trim that I need to “pay up!”  He erupts into barking me all the way to the treat cabinet, and waits on the tips of his toes to see what I will pull out for him!  It always makes me smile to see how important this little treat is for him!

The bag I received was huge!  They really pack a lot of chips in their bags!  For those of us with smaller dogs, that can translate to a really inexpensive treat, and I’m all about pinching pennies at my house!  I found these treats on for $6.89, which is a very good price for this large bag of treats.  I’ll be breaking these chews into much smaller pieces, and that will make one bag of treats very cost effective!  The shelf life was also very long: June 2018, so I know they won’t spoil before I can use the entire bag.

This is a sample of one of the smaller chips that was in the bag.

When I first opened the bag, I noticed right away that it was easily resealable, which I love!  Some “easy” resealable bags just aren’t, and this one really was, so that was a nice bonus for me!  As I opened the bag and caught an initial whiff of what was inside, I was tempted to dip right into those treats myself, they smelled that good!  It made me smile instead of feeling like I needed to hold my breath!!  With dog treats, one never knows, so I generally sniff carefully until I know!  These really smell great!!

The chips are ripple cut, so it’s almost like opening a bag of Ruffles Potato Chips when you look inside that bag!  There were a few thicker pieces, but honestly, most of them were sliced very thin and I was able to easily break them into smaller bite sized pieces suitable for my little 22 pound dog!  Some of them snapped easily like a potato chip, and others were a little chewy and I was able to easily rip those into smaller pieces.

This is a sample of the thickness of one of the chips.
This is the same chip broken in half.

Rugby was all in on these treats!!  They really were chewy!  He seemed to enjoy being able to work the pieces around and chew them until he could swallow them down.  The edge pieces that still have the skin on them were a little more challenging for him, but he was able to eat them easily., and I could tell that he loved every minute.  He swallowed one chunk and eagerly licked his chops and looked at me with adoring eyes, hoping for the next chip.  When the next chip didn’t come right away, he started problem solving and offering tricks, hoping that producing a different behavior would earn him another sample!  That really made my heart smile for him!

I can easily see giving Rugby a healthy portion of one of these chews as a special reward for a nail trim or bath.  He would turn cartwheels if I did that for him!  I could also give him a smaller portion when he is left in his crate as a treat while I’m gone.  They are large enough that I likely wouldn’t give him an entire chew just to watch his tummy, but a smaller portion would be terrific!  For a larger dog, I would absolutely offer a full sized chip in situations like these.  These are not long lasting chews by any means, but they are yummy enough, and fun enough that I think any dog would view them as a very special reward when that reward is warranted.

I don’t think that small dogs would have difficulty with these treats if the pieces were broken small enough for them.  They are sliced thin enough that even a toy breed could manage them and enjoy a nice, healthy snack!  Smaller dogs really do need options of tiny treats so that they can easily eat them, and owners can size these for small dogs with ease.

I typically provide meat treats for Rugby, with an occasional cookie type treat, so it was really  wonderful to try these sweet potato treats for him.  It was exciting to find a sweet potato treat that was thin enough I could make the treat small enough for Rugby!  I definitely would recommend these treats to dog owners, and think that they will be a wonderful choice for Rugby when I’m looking for something very special.  Based upon his response, Rugby definitely gives these treats four paws up!


Product Review: Nature’s Logic Dog Food



Recently, Rugby has been really itchy, and I can’t seem to find any reason for his misery!  I’ve fed him a chicken based dog food for over a year, so I started wondering if he was developing an allergy to chicken, since many dogs do!  When I was approached to try out Nature’s Logic dog food, I jumped at the chance, because I really wanted to get Rugby off of a chicken formula altogether.


Nature’s Logic was a brand that was new to me, and I thought I was pretty up to date on dog foods.  Launched in 2006, the company founder was looking for a way to create pet food which focused on keeping the whole food benefits of nutrition while leaving out any synthetic supplements.  This quote from founder Scott Freeman really struck a wonderful chord with me:

“There was purpose and intent in naming our products, Nature’s Logic™. It is your guarantee from us that the products bearing this name are indeed born out of the logic of nature. They are a reflection of the safe and wholesome foods nature supplies. Nature and all she teaches us has been our guide. Science can discover how to create an inexpensive food with low-quality ingredients and fortified with chemically synthesized supplements to meet analyticals, but at what cost to our pets? Nature is no cheat. Nature’s Logic™ has taken no short cuts to provide our pets natural nutrition that is safe and complete.”

Rugby will soon be ten years old, and I’ve always fed him high quality dog foods.  But Nature’s Logic is a food unlike the others that I have tried, and I am really loving what I read!  The company is committed to getting vitamins and minerals for their food from natural, real food ingredients, and those ingredients are minimally processed, leaving more of the ingredient’s integrity and nutrition in place.  It makes me feel like I’m being able to give Rugby “clean” food, and as he ages, that’s even more important to me.



It’s 100% natural, with whole food sources.  Here’s what the company says about their foods.

  • It’s the first and only full line of pet food with NO synthetic vitamins or minerals
  • Free of common allergens–no wheat, corn, soy, potato, tapioca, peas or sweet potatoes
  • Probiotics and digestive enzymes are added to support healthy digestions
  • NO ingredients from China.  Proteins are sourced from the US, New Zealand, Australia, Italy and Norway
  • Protein choices are beef, chicken, duck, lamb, rabbit, salmon, sardine, turkey and venison so that you can rotate your dog’s food and prevent allergies from forming.
  • Fruits and vegetables are grown in the US.
  • The company offers dog and cat foods, in dry, wet and raw formulas, as well as a large assortment of treats and chews.
  • Because the food is nutrient dense and highly digestible, your pet will utilize more of the ingredients in the food and produce less waste, which reduces the cost per feeding.  (This also means less yard pick up!)
  • It’s a family owned company in Nebraska.  (If you go to their website, you can actually meet their staff!)

Because I suspected a chicken allergy, I chose a Lamb kibble formula to try with Rugby.  I’ve never offered lamb to him, and was very curious to see how he would like it!  I loved reading the ingredient list and saw real whole foods including fruits and vegetables listed.

Any time I switch foods for Rugby I carefully phase the new food in to avoid any tummy troubles from the change.  Rugby made a seamless transition to the new food, and he is currently eating it with gusto!  The kibbles are very small, so even a toy breed could easily manage to eat this food.


Since feeding Nature’s Logic, I have noticed that Rugby’s poopies are smaller, which honestly isn’t a huge consideration to me, but might be to someone else.

Rugby has been completely on Nature’s Logic for about two weeks now, and I can see a reduction in Rugby’s scratching and chewing.  When I pet him, I’m no longer finding wet spots on his back where he was chewing on himself.  He’s still doing some level of itching, but not as much as he had been, and that makes me feel great!  We are trending in the right direction with that!

For the Lamb formula, the protein is 32% and fat is 18% which is just exactly what I was looking for!  I recently read a book about reactive dogs, and the author supported meat proteins and fat levels right where Nature’s Logic is, so that made me feel good to know that I’m giving Rugby the nutrient levels that support the best possible behavior that I can get from him.

Poor behavior can sometimes be related to a dog’s diet, so if your dog has emotional issues or special needs, I think Nature’s Logic can offer a good supportive diet to give you the best possible outcome.  Combining a great diet with behavioral modification training can give your dog his best possible chance to produce the behavior that you want to see from him.  I want to see Rugby’s protein content coming from meat versus plant when I’m choosing a dog food for him.

In addition, I also want to see recognizable ingredients in the food’s content, because as Rugby ages, I’m more concerned than ever about making sure that he’s getting high quality food to ward off any potential health issues.  As a member of my family, I want to be sure that he’s eating a balanced dog food, formulated to maintain his good health, just like I try to eat well to preserve my own health. I like being able to switch to a wide variety of animal proteins to keep Rugby from developing any additional food allergies, as well.

And quite frankly, I really love supporting small, US family owned businesses, especially when it comes to my dog’s food!  I tend to see higher quality ingredients, fewer recalls, and more consistent products over the years.  They put their dollars into developing their products versus expensive advertising, and that gets my support any day of the week!

To help get the word out about this great food, I’m being able to offer a giveaway to my readers who reside in the US only!  I’m really excited about this!  Not only is this my very first giveaway at, but I’m excited to offer a product that I really love!!  Clearly, Rugby gives this food four paws up!!

Rugby James received a bag of Nature’s Logic Lamb Dog Food, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.  I only review products that I think my readers will be interested in.


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