Product Review: Barkworthies Salmon Skin Twists

I’m a bit particular about the snacks that I feed Rugby.  I don’t personally believe that over-indulging a dog with treats and goodies is healthy for them….physically or mentally or emotionally.  Let’s face it: many of our dogs would just eat themselves into oblivion if they are given a chance…much like me around a cheesecake!  Overindulging a dog with treats and snacks can also create a “spoiled child” attitude, causing some dogs to feel a sense of entitlement making them much more difficult to live with at home.

At my house, Rugby earns his regular treats by doing work, which could be a simple trick or command.  Extra special treats like the Salmon Skin Twists are given after Rugby puts up with a nail trim or bath or brushing….things he normally really doesn’t like.  When I can tie in his cooperation with a really tasty snack reward, I don’t mind indulging him with something that’s very extra special.  His cooperation has earned him something extra special, and believe me….he knows it!!

It’s because I don’t feed a lot of special snacks that I pay close attention to the ones that I do feed!  I’m a big Barkworthies fan!  Their tag line is “Naturally Healthy. Naturally Happy.”  That says a lot about the care that they put into the products that they create for our dogs.  Many of the products that I like best are single ingredient.  That means that there’s only one ingredient in the product.  I know exactly what I’m giving Rugby, and because they keep their treats nice and clean without extras, it makes me feel like I’m giving Rugby something that I would make for him myself if I had the time to do so!  What a great help this is for busy pet parents who care deeply about what treats they are giving to their dogs!

Recently, I was given an opportunity to do a product review of Barkworthies New Salmon Skin Twists, from their gourmet line of chews. I’ve wanted to try a Salmon skin type of treat for a long time, so I was very excited to see how Rugby would like them!  Salmon skin treats are a fairly new thing for dogs, and Rugby really loves Salmon, so I was very happy to give these a try!

Many of these types of extra special chews are huge, and that can present big challenges for me!  First of all, Rugby is only 23 pounds, so he needs a treat sized for a smaller dog.  Many of the treats I’ve seen in my favorite local pet store are big enough for a retriever, and just won’t work for us.  Rugby would be thrilled to get a huge treat, but he has some tummy troubles if he eats too much special food in one sitting. Because he guards resources, once he has something, he’s not giving it up without a fight! So I typically like to find either special snacks that are small enough that he can eat the entire treat in one sitting without getting sick, or I look for larger treats that I can easily cut or break into smaller pieces to accomplish that same goal.

Rugby was very interested in the mail the day that this treat arrived!  He was fascinated with the mailer, so these treats must really carry an interesting smell for dogs.  I didn’t notice anything through the mailer, and I have to say that Rugby’s hopeful look made me smile!  He loves to get mail, and when it smells yummy, he’s even more excited!

The chew came fully wrapped in a plastic shrink wrap.  I didn’t smell anything when I got it out of the mailer, or even when I cut the plastic wrap open.  With fishy treats, one never knows about these things!!  I use Salmon treats for training, and my clients often complain about how “stinky” they are.  Frankly, as a dog trainer, I know that dogs tend to be more crazy about things that have a strong smell, so I often look for treats that are more appealing to them!  I didn’t notice any fishy stink with these treats at all, if that’s a consideration.

Its always a challenge to find a great special treat that can be cut or broken into smaller pieces for Rugby.  The Salmon Skin Twists are 8″ long, so they are too big for one sitting with him to keep him from tummy trouble!  However, the treats broke very easily into “Rugby-sized” pieces, so I was very pleased to see that he can have a good chunk that is 2-3″ long as his snack.  The skin is thin, so even though these chews look thick, they easily break up very nicely.  This would be especially important for my readers who have toy sized small dogs who would not be able to manage all of one of the standard chews in one sitting.

Because of the Salmon, these treats are a bit gooey with the Salmon oil which is inherent with a treat like this.  When I broke the treat off for him, my fingers had a good bit of “coating” of Salmon oil on them.  After I broke and gave Rugby his snack, I found that I needed to wash my hands right away before touching anything else.  This was no trouble at all for me, but if someone wanted to use this as a hiking snack, or snack while out and about,  you’ll want to be sure that you have wet wipes handy!  If you want to break them into smaller pieces ahead of time, or give your dog the entire chew at one time, you won’t find that your fingers are gooey at all.  You can also break the treat easily right within the wrapper, and then open it to give the snack to your dog, so there are easy ways to avoid the goo with a little planning!

The tag on the treat said that when the treat gets wet, there may be some color transfer from the product, so these might not be the treat you’d like to give your pooch when he’s hanging out on white carpeting, or the back seat of your car!  I definitely think that there could be oil or goo transfer to carpet or upholstery if you gave your dog the entire stick at one time.  However, if you break the treat into smaller bits as I did, I don’t think that you’d have any problems with this at all.  This treat was so yummy that Rugby didn’t want to put it down at all, and the size that I had given him was something that he could easily manage to keep in his mouth while munching.

I was honestly surprised at the loud crunching I heard coming from Rugby as he enjoyed his treat.  I did expect some levels of crunch, but these were like potato chip crunching from start to finish!  It really made me smile,  I have to admit!  I think Rugby enjoyed that sound as well, and he sure didn’t waste any time scarfing down his portion in record time!

Barkworthies adds no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.  There is nothing artificial in this product!  The single ingredient is “Salmon Skin.”   So this chew is simply dried Salmon skin, and I found that it was crunchy and lightly crisp, which I just wasn’t expecting at all when I took it out of the wrapper!  The country of origin is Australia.  The nutritional breakdown is as follows:

Crude Protein Min 62%, Crude Fiber Min 33.4%, Crude Fat Min 0.2%, Moisture Max 5.8%

These chews are jam-packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for healthy skin and coat!  Rugby has such a unique and gorgeous coat, and I like any kind of food that will keep it looking really great and feeling soft!  The fact that these chews have good essential fats make them heart healthy and that can also boost Rugby’s immunity!  Because they are high protein, they are perfect for active dogs who are on the go.  They easily pack into a bag for hiking trips or a day spent at the lake swimming when you need to give your dog a bit of a calorie boost!

Rugby and I completely agree that Barkworthies has hit another home run with these Salmon Skin Twist chews!  Rugby gives them four paws up!

As always, when your dog is eating any kind of treat or chew, please supervise him to be sure that he’s safe.

Rugby James received one Barkworthies Salmon Skin Twist Chew, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.  I only review products that I think my readers will be interested in.









  1. Denise Baker says

    Thank you Sally for your honest review. I love Barkworthy products but since I cannot tolerate the smell of salmon , I think I
    like skip this product. Too bad because I bet Bentley would love it.

    • Sally says

      I have had clients who are very sensitive to "fishy" smells as well, Denise. I honestly didn't smell anything from this treat. I've had the shrink wrap open and sitting on the counter for a week, with half the treat exposed. I still haven't smelled a thing from it. The good news, is that Barkworthies makes LOTS of other choices for you, so you'll be able to find something that Sammy Sue and Bentley will do cartwheels over!! Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment! 🙂


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