Saturday Snicker & Sunday Snuggle for Monday: The Morphing of Pretzel Snuggles

I’ve had a really nice problem lately in the sense that I’ve been blessed with lots of extra dogs to train!  When that happens, I meet myself coming and going and there’s virtually NO time whatsoever for blogging!  I miss being able to contribute on a very consistent basis, and appreciate my readers so very much!  However, as this blog is an unpaid venture of love for me, I simply have to focus on training dogs when my work schedule demands it!  I appreciate all of you being understanding of that, and know that I will post new blogs as I have time to do so!

That being said, a couple of weeks ago, I happened to have a Saturday afternoon at home, and decided to check out the wonders of a fire in the fireplace, the cushy delights of a sofa that sucks me in, a soft blankie, and a snuggle with my bestie!  What I had planned, was to watch a movie and take a short nap.  What I got, was fodder for a wonderful blog!

This is how we started out the afternoon! Rugby snuggled right in with me….eyes adoring….thrilled to be invited on the sofa for a snuggle and a nap with me! Those eyes though….


He promptly snuggled right on top of me, putting his little head right on my chest and letting me pet him into a delirious nappy noodle.


As these things typically go, he got tired of that, and elected to sleep sunny side up, but still very snuggled between me and the back of the sofa. It always makes me giggle when he pulls his tail up to cover his junk! Since his tail naturally curls in the opposite way, I give him extra style points for this!  I love his little crossed front paws….


And that nap position morphed into this one…


Which morphed into this position….


Which ultimately ended up in this nap position! This was my afternoon view of my little snuggle bug! All fluff and fur….and two little back legs sticking straight up in the air!

That’s bound to make your Monday a whole lot better!!  Love and hugs from Rugby James!!



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