Product Review: Barkworthies USA Sweet Potato Chips

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a new treat that we had never tried before:  Barkworthies USA Sweet Potato Chips!  I’ve often wanted to try sweet potato treats for Rugby, but the ones I’ve seen are so thick and big that I have felt just sure that I would set him up for some tummy troubles if I let him eat an entire big, thick treat!!  The dog trainer comes out in me as well, and I always think of making Rugby earn his treats, and not offering excessive amounts on a regular basis.

I was really delighted to check out these treats, because they fit the bill on many of the things that are important to me as a dog owner.

  • They are all natural with NO preservatives and NO fillers
  • They have one single ingredient: Sweet Potato!
  • There is no added sugar
  • They are grain free
  • They are resourced in the USA
  • I can easily break them into small pieces for Rugby
  • Their treats are completely digestible
  • They are eco-friendly

Here’s the Barkworthies Mission:  “At Barkworthies® we believe that simpler is better. Barkworthies treats and chews are completely digestible and contain absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. We only use the best ingredients and most of our products contain only a single ingredient. What could be simpler?”

I really love that mission!!  I’m a big fan of single ingredient treats as well, because that way, I really do know what I’m giving to Rugby.  I like picking up a bag and looking at the ingredient list and seeing a product that I recognize:  in this case Sweet Potato!  So simple and so healthy!

Treats really are a “treat” at my house.  I don’t indulge Rugby in lots of food treats, because as a dog trainer, I don’t think that food is really the “treat” that our dogs want from us.  What they want is our undivided time.  They want to know that they matter to us.  They want us to leave other things aside to focus on them alone.  I do believe that food treats are a wonderful part of that equation, but the food treats supplement other things that I’m already doing with Rugby.  Because I don’t do a lot of food treats for him, when I do give them to him, I try to be careful and give him higher quality treats that I know are healthy for him, and also something that he’s really going to love!

The typical times that Rugby will get a very special treat is after a nail trim, bath, or vet visit, for example.  He’s not a big fan of any of those situations, so when he’s a good sport about it and allows me to put him in those situations, I always try to reward him with something special to make the experience more tolerable for him.  He’s quick to remind me after a nail trim that I need to “pay up!”  He erupts into barking me all the way to the treat cabinet, and waits on the tips of his toes to see what I will pull out for him!  It always makes me smile to see how important this little treat is for him!

The bag I received was huge!  They really pack a lot of chips in their bags!  For those of us with smaller dogs, that can translate to a really inexpensive treat, and I’m all about pinching pennies at my house!  I found these treats on for $6.89, which is a very good price for this large bag of treats.  I’ll be breaking these chews into much smaller pieces, and that will make one bag of treats very cost effective!  The shelf life was also very long: June 2018, so I know they won’t spoil before I can use the entire bag.

This is a sample of one of the smaller chips that was in the bag.

When I first opened the bag, I noticed right away that it was easily resealable, which I love!  Some “easy” resealable bags just aren’t, and this one really was, so that was a nice bonus for me!  As I opened the bag and caught an initial whiff of what was inside, I was tempted to dip right into those treats myself, they smelled that good!  It made me smile instead of feeling like I needed to hold my breath!!  With dog treats, one never knows, so I generally sniff carefully until I know!  These really smell great!!

The chips are ripple cut, so it’s almost like opening a bag of Ruffles Potato Chips when you look inside that bag!  There were a few thicker pieces, but honestly, most of them were sliced very thin and I was able to easily break them into smaller bite sized pieces suitable for my little 22 pound dog!  Some of them snapped easily like a potato chip, and others were a little chewy and I was able to easily rip those into smaller pieces.

This is a sample of the thickness of one of the chips.
This is the same chip broken in half.

Rugby was all in on these treats!!  They really were chewy!  He seemed to enjoy being able to work the pieces around and chew them until he could swallow them down.  The edge pieces that still have the skin on them were a little more challenging for him, but he was able to eat them easily., and I could tell that he loved every minute.  He swallowed one chunk and eagerly licked his chops and looked at me with adoring eyes, hoping for the next chip.  When the next chip didn’t come right away, he started problem solving and offering tricks, hoping that producing a different behavior would earn him another sample!  That really made my heart smile for him!

I can easily see giving Rugby a healthy portion of one of these chews as a special reward for a nail trim or bath.  He would turn cartwheels if I did that for him!  I could also give him a smaller portion when he is left in his crate as a treat while I’m gone.  They are large enough that I likely wouldn’t give him an entire chew just to watch his tummy, but a smaller portion would be terrific!  For a larger dog, I would absolutely offer a full sized chip in situations like these.  These are not long lasting chews by any means, but they are yummy enough, and fun enough that I think any dog would view them as a very special reward when that reward is warranted.

I don’t think that small dogs would have difficulty with these treats if the pieces were broken small enough for them.  They are sliced thin enough that even a toy breed could manage them and enjoy a nice, healthy snack!  Smaller dogs really do need options of tiny treats so that they can easily eat them, and owners can size these for small dogs with ease.

I typically provide meat treats for Rugby, with an occasional cookie type treat, so it was really  wonderful to try these sweet potato treats for him.  It was exciting to find a sweet potato treat that was thin enough I could make the treat small enough for Rugby!  I definitely would recommend these treats to dog owners, and think that they will be a wonderful choice for Rugby when I’m looking for something very special.  Based upon his response, Rugby definitely gives these treats four paws up!



  1. Denise Baker says

    Guess what Rugby James? Mom gets these treats for us too. Mom loves Barkworthies because she knows she can always trust their products. PS: What a perfect "sitting pretty!"

    • Sally says

      Thanks, Mama Denise, Sammy Sue and Bentley! This was our first experience with Barkworthies treats, and it sure won't be our last!! They were some kinda good!! (And thanks for the complement on Rugby's sitting pretty! That's one of his very favorite tricks!!)

    • Sally says

      This was the first time we had tried Barkworthies, because you know how much Rugby loves the Lakse Kronch treats, and really any high quality meat treats! But he was really excited about these sweet potato treats too, so I plan to add them to his treat cabinet to use as special treats when Rugby needs one! 🙂

    • Karen Laferney says

      Sally, thank you for the review!! It really helps to know a good treat that can be given without worry to my pup when I get her. Having one that is chewy and takes a bit longer to eat is very useful too!! Information about the size is helpful.
      I hope Rugby continues to work for more treats!!!!

      • Sally says

        We just don't do a whole lot of big treats at my house, Karen, and these are a really great, healthy treat that I can control on size. And Rugby really seems to enjoy having a good chewy snack once in a while!


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