Saturday Snicker: Salute to Pretzel Napping

This time of year typically gets so very busy for me as a dog trainer, because in East Tennessee, we can have brutal summer heat, and the fall temperatures are often simply delightful for training dogs!  The approaching holidays provide good incentives for dog owners to train their dogs before Aunt Edna comes at Thanksgiving or Christmas!

As a result, lately, my life most often consists of going to work, coming home, preparing for the next day, eating a late supper and going right to bed!  Rugby often doesn’t get the training and puzzle time that he really wants from me.  We try to make the best of the situation, and I have been trying to connect with him in other ways during this busy time of the year.

But no matter what my schedule is like, one thing never seems to change!  Rugby is a pretzel napper through and through!!  He sleeps in the absolute funniest positions, and today’s installment is certainly no exception!!  This one was especially funny to me, because he had his front leg straight up in the air, and also had his mouth open to show off his missing teeth, giving me a good view of his crooked “Bubba teeth.”

I hope this brings your Saturday a smile, a snicker, a giggle, or a guffaw…..all courtesy of Rugby James!





  1. says

    It took us a minute to figure out which end was up! 🙂 Things have been crazy busy here too. Probably won't settle down until after the holidays! Between the human busyness, the days getting shorter, and the weather changing to colder, Luke starts to get a little whiny and bored. But we'll keep plugging along and get back to our regular routines soon!

    • Sally says

      When Rugby pretzel naps, he's a hot mess of fur and fluff! His long legs just go everywhere, and it really can be challenging to figure out which end is which!! I think it's totally okay to just put any training forward with Luke on hold until you have more time to work with him! I do that with Rugby as well....or I work on minor things that don't require as much time and planning! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pets!! <3


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