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Recently, Rugby has been really itchy, and I can’t seem to find any reason for his misery!  I’ve fed him a chicken based dog food for over a year, so I started wondering if he was developing an allergy to chicken, since many dogs do!  When I was approached to try out Nature’s Logic dog food, I jumped at the chance, because I really wanted to get Rugby off of a chicken formula altogether.


Nature’s Logic was a brand that was new to me, and I thought I was pretty up to date on dog foods.  Launched in 2006, the company founder was looking for a way to create pet food which focused on keeping the whole food benefits of nutrition while leaving out any synthetic supplements.  This quote from founder Scott Freeman really struck a wonderful chord with me:

“There was purpose and intent in naming our products, Nature’s Logic™. It is your guarantee from us that the products bearing this name are indeed born out of the logic of nature. They are a reflection of the safe and wholesome foods nature supplies. Nature and all she teaches us has been our guide. Science can discover how to create an inexpensive food with low-quality ingredients and fortified with chemically synthesized supplements to meet analyticals, but at what cost to our pets? Nature is no cheat. Nature’s Logic™ has taken no short cuts to provide our pets natural nutrition that is safe and complete.”

Rugby will soon be ten years old, and I’ve always fed him high quality dog foods.  But Nature’s Logic is a food unlike the others that I have tried, and I am really loving what I read!  The company is committed to getting vitamins and minerals for their food from natural, real food ingredients, and those ingredients are minimally processed, leaving more of the ingredient’s integrity and nutrition in place.  It makes me feel like I’m being able to give Rugby “clean” food, and as he ages, that’s even more important to me.



It’s 100% natural, with whole food sources.  Here’s what the company says about their foods.

  • It’s the first and only full line of pet food with NO synthetic vitamins or minerals
  • Free of common allergens–no wheat, corn, soy, potato, tapioca, peas or sweet potatoes
  • Probiotics and digestive enzymes are added to support healthy digestions
  • NO ingredients from China.  Proteins are sourced from the US, New Zealand, Australia, Italy and Norway
  • Protein choices are beef, chicken, duck, lamb, rabbit, salmon, sardine, turkey and venison so that you can rotate your dog’s food and prevent allergies from forming.
  • Fruits and vegetables are grown in the US.
  • The company offers dog and cat foods, in dry, wet and raw formulas, as well as a large assortment of treats and chews.
  • Because the food is nutrient dense and highly digestible, your pet will utilize more of the ingredients in the food and produce less waste, which reduces the cost per feeding.  (This also means less yard pick up!)
  • It’s a family owned company in Nebraska.  (If you go to their website, you can actually meet their staff!)

Because I suspected a chicken allergy, I chose a Lamb kibble formula to try with Rugby.  I’ve never offered lamb to him, and was very curious to see how he would like it!  I loved reading the ingredient list and saw real whole foods including fruits and vegetables listed.

Any time I switch foods for Rugby I carefully phase the new food in to avoid any tummy troubles from the change.  Rugby made a seamless transition to the new food, and he is currently eating it with gusto!  The kibbles are very small, so even a toy breed could easily manage to eat this food.


Since feeding Nature’s Logic, I have noticed that Rugby’s poopies are smaller, which honestly isn’t a huge consideration to me, but might be to someone else.

Rugby has been completely on Nature’s Logic for about two weeks now, and I can see a reduction in Rugby’s scratching and chewing.  When I pet him, I’m no longer finding wet spots on his back where he was chewing on himself.  He’s still doing some level of itching, but not as much as he had been, and that makes me feel great!  We are trending in the right direction with that!

For the Lamb formula, the protein is 32% and fat is 18% which is just exactly what I was looking for!  I recently read a book about reactive dogs, and the author supported meat proteins and fat levels right where Nature’s Logic is, so that made me feel good to know that I’m giving Rugby the nutrient levels that support the best possible behavior that I can get from him.

Poor behavior can sometimes be related to a dog’s diet, so if your dog has emotional issues or special needs, I think Nature’s Logic can offer a good supportive diet to give you the best possible outcome.  Combining a great diet with behavioral modification training can give your dog his best possible chance to produce the behavior that you want to see from him.  I want to see Rugby’s protein content coming from meat versus plant when I’m choosing a dog food for him.

In addition, I also want to see recognizable ingredients in the food’s content, because as Rugby ages, I’m more concerned than ever about making sure that he’s getting high quality food to ward off any potential health issues.  As a member of my family, I want to be sure that he’s eating a balanced dog food, formulated to maintain his good health, just like I try to eat well to preserve my own health. I like being able to switch to a wide variety of animal proteins to keep Rugby from developing any additional food allergies, as well.

And quite frankly, I really love supporting small, US family owned businesses, especially when it comes to my dog’s food!  I tend to see higher quality ingredients, fewer recalls, and more consistent products over the years.  They put their dollars into developing their products versus expensive advertising, and that gets my support any day of the week!

To help get the word out about this great food, I’m being able to offer a giveaway to my readers who reside in the US only!  I’m really excited about this!  Not only is this my very first giveaway at, but I’m excited to offer a product that I really love!!  Clearly, Rugby gives this food four paws up!!

Rugby James received a bag of Nature’s Logic Lamb Dog Food, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.  I only review products that I think my readers will be interested in.


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  1. Sarah Thomas says

    Thank you for this info, Mama Sally!!!! Marley is extremely picky with food, so this may be something I need to try for him. Lubs you and Rugby a big BIG much!!!!

    • Sally says

      I am really loving this food!! The ingredients are SO good!! Rugby is not a picky eater at all, but there are so many formulas that you're sure to be able to find one that Marley likes!!


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