Product Review: Goldpaw Series Crossover Harness

Recently, I was contacted to review a Goldpaw Series Crossover Harness.  I jumped at the chance, because I’m always scouting out high quality equipment that works well for dogs.  Because I train all different breeds of dogs, from tiny guys to giant dogs, and everything in between, I’ve often found that one size doesn’t fit all!  A big part of the equipment that I select for a given dog depends upon the dog itself, and the sort of behavior that needs to be modified.  And, sometimes, the equipment that I might select for a given dog can depend upon the owner and their ability to safely use the given equipment.



The deep “V” protects your dog’s throat, and the reflective strip provides extra safety for your dog at night.


This gives you an idea of what it will look like on your dog.


Side view. The black strap is fully elastic while the red portion is nicely thickly padded.  There’s nothing to rub a raw spot through regular wear.


The loop on top of your dog makes an extra handle for a quick grab, or an easy restraint in the car. Simply slip your seat belt through the loop and buckle in!


The elastic chest band is stitched to the cross piece so there’s no slipping or sliding once it’s on your dog.  It also fastens on top of your dog’s back, making it very simple to put on, especially with someone who has limited range of motion.

The Crossover Harness has many features that I really like.

  • It has a very simple design that is extremely easy to put on your dog!  It slips over your dog’s head, and the single chest strap comes under your dog and fastens over your dog’s back.  Easy peasy!  This makes it a great choice for those wiggly dogs who don’t enjoy a lot of muss and fuss to get suited up and out the door.  It’s also wonderful for someone who has limited range of motion or arthritic hands.  The neck fit loosely, and it was not a struggle to get it over Rugby’s head at all!
  • It’s softly padded in all the right places to protect your pooch!  No rough straps in weird places to rub him raw if he doesn’t have a lot of coat!
  • The crossover style at the throat has a “V” shape which protects your dog’s throat.  There was no pressure at all on Rugby’s throat that I could see.  He really seemed very comfortable in it.
  • It has a handle on the back to give you an extra place to grab your dog if that’s needed, and the handle doubles as a built in restraint for your dog when you slip your car’s seat belt through the handle.  This is an extra bonus for those of us with reactive dogs.  It made me feel like I had an extra measure of security in an emergency.
  • It has a reflective strip in front to help with night visibility for anyone walking after dark.
  • The black chest band is made of stretchy elastic, which helps give a snug fit.  It also “gives” a bit when you tug on the leash, so your dog can feel a mild correction, which I liked.  The snug fit prevents it from slipping and sliding back and forth when in use, which I really liked!   The strap is unlike many standard straps which loosen over time requiring re-adjustment.  It stays put!
  • It is offered in three colors, black, red, and pink.
  • It’s machine washable and made in the USA.
  • The cost of the harness ranges from $40.00-$45.00.

Rugby really does not like being leashed up, so I was very pleased at the ease in putting this harness on him.  He tolerated the adjusting well, and didn’t try to escape or lay down to avoid the process.  I chose the red harness for him, in a medium size, to make it easier to see with all of his black fur.  Sometimes harnesses that blend into his fur are difficult to see to work with, but this color was a great choice for him.

I liked the way the harness fit, and the way that it looked on him.  I’m not sure I would leave this harness on him full time, because I purposely sized the chest strap to be snug so that Rugby couldn’t make the great escape on walks.  He can really get wigged out when he sees a car, humans or dogs, and has been known to nearly escape a harness, so the snug fit was a big plus in my book, and gave me good peace of mind as I headed out the door with my precious pup!

Rugby seemed very comfortable in the harness, and I couldn’t find any place where the fit was either too snug or baggy.  It was a bit loose around the neck, which concerned me a bit, but the design is such that I don’t think Rugby could escape it.  The harness has a very simple design, and I think Rugby and I both liked that feature!  The extra handle on the back gave me a little extra peace of mind in case I had to grab him, and I was all for that!  I wish the strap was a bit more stout, but for a dog the size of Rugby, I think it would be fine if I needed it.

It was a quiet day in our neighborhood, so Rugby and I went for a short walk in front of our house.  He was naturally a bit excited about his adventure, and he did pull a little as we started out.  Rugby is really pretty easy on the leash, so a harness that provides a little correction is always a really great choice for him.  The elastic band enabled me to give him a correction when he pulled, and I could feel the “give” as I tugged on the leash.  It did help him slow down a bit, and with practice, I think he would learn to walk nicely with a completely loose leash.

In summary, this is a soft, thickly padded harness that’s easy to put on and off, and offers a bit of correction for those dogs who are moderate pullers.  For anyone who struggles to put harnesses on their dogs, the ease of use was wonderful.  It stays put when in use.  Here’s a short video of Rugby using the harness.

Rugby James received a Goldpaws Crossover Harness, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.  I only review products that I think my readers will be interested in.




  1. says

    You had me at "easy to put on". I think putting on harnesses is one of my biggest challenges with dogs! Not only do I have difficulties with my hands, but the brain can't handle when they're too complicated. LOL

    • Sally says

      Seriously!! I'd swear some of the harnesses I've seen need an engineering degree to figure out! And because I'm a dog trainer, my clients always assume that I know how to use every single harness that is made! Sometimes it takes a village to harness a dog, just sayin'! Easy on is worth a whole lot in my book!!


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