Sunday Snuggle: That Face!!


One of the things that really tugged at my heart that first day when I saw Rugby’s puppy photo staring at me from my computer screen was his adorable face!  I loved his bright little eyes that were like chocolate drops capable of melting my heart in a nanosecond!

His little face was so very different  in those days.  Not only did he still have floppy ears that were all over the place, but he had such dark ticking on his face, and his little eye mask was so prominent on his face when he was a puppy.  His muzzle still hadn’t grown out to its full length yet, giving him a cute puppy look.


Age brought Rugby’s ears up, and they are like big satellite dishes picking up every single sound that he hears.  He manipulates them ever so subtly at times, and at other times, he gives them a huge range of movement as he tries to pinpoint the exact location of the sound that he’s heard.  The fluffy tendrils of fur that hang from his ears like delicate fringe are a wonderful source of play for me when we’re snuggling together.  They are so soft and I really enjoy running my hands through them over and over as I pet him.

Age has also grayed his muzzle and his face to a pale tan color, versus the deep red color I saw from him as a puppy.  It’s nicely blended into his regular fur, and the ticking is still visible….if you know you’re looking for it!  I think the lighter color has given him an older and wiser appearance, but I do really miss his dark, prominent little mask at times.

The one constant that has never changed 0ver the years are those chocolate drop eyes with thick, gorgeous “guyliner!”  They are so very expressive, and they change from a look that says, “Wanna play” to one that says, “I love you, Mama!”  I honestly really love how Rugby studies my face sometimes in our quiet moments together.  He will soften his eyes, making them a bit smaller, and he will look from one of my eyes to the other, and take in my whole face.  He holds my gaze and his look says, “I could look at you forever!!  I wish this moment would never end!”

And honestly?  Those are my sentiments precisely!  I always want to bottle those moments so that they could last forever…..




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