Honoring Black Dogs!

Many people may not realize this, but there’s a definite bias against black dogs in America.  Shocking, I know!  Who doesn’t love a goofy, fun-loving black Labrador Retriever, right?  But sadly, black shelter dogs don’t always fare very well.  They are the very first to be euthanized, and least adoptable animals in shelters.

Why is that?  What’s wrong with black dogs?  Honestly, a big part of the reason is because they don’t photograph well.  Shelters often try to take cute photos of their adoptable dogs that they can display online to help with adoptions, and black dogs often just don’t look great, because of lighting and the lack of definition of their features in photos.

Additionally, many parents want to have great family photos with the kids and the dog, and they sometimes choose dogs who will look great to make those family memories in photos.  As a result, they often steer clear of black dogs.  I know. I know.  Crazy.  No…CRAZY!!  It sounds like I’m loony tunes for sure!  All of us are drawn to a specific “look” in the dogs that we choose.  Unfortunately, black dogs just don’t fare well in that.

Rugby put out an invitation on his “Fussbutts” page to his black furiends and today, he and I would love to feature photos of those very special dogs.  Many thanks to their wonderful owners who were kind enough to send Rugby their photos and personal bios of these very special dogs!  Enjoy the photo montage of black dogs who are every bit as lovable as any other dog on planet Earth!

“Shelby” loved by Lila Marsh. She’s a German Rottweiler, the love of her mom’s life…and she often snores when she sleeps!!


“Katy” loved by Erin Imperati. Lived to be 17 years young, playful even in her old age! She most enjoyed stealing socks and hiding!


This 2.5 year old beauty is Peanut! He’s loved by Jessica Strebeck. He absolutely loves treats and playing fetch! Rugby James approves!!


“Roscoe” loved by Allen and Miracle Meyer. He loves balls and Nylabones and is obsessed with cardboard boxes! He gives slow sweet kisses even if the recipient doesn’t want them! His favorite treats are yogurt cups and cheese.


“Marley,” loved by Sarah Thomas. Marley loves: Salmon snacks, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, cheese, squirrels, animals on TV, and cuddles!
“Annie” loved by Peg Dixon. This is Annie relaxing on the sofa – in her sunny spot. In the mornings, she moves around the living room to stay in the sun for her nap.

So here’s a cheer to black dogs in America!!  At RugbyJames.com, we salute you!  We love your shiney, sleek black fur that looks amazing in sunshine!  We love your beautiful expressive eyes which simply melt into that shiney fur!  Your smiles are huge and bright because of the sharp contrast of white and black, giving you an edge over the average smiling dog.

Rock on, my furry friends!!  You deserve a day to call your own!




  1. Sarah Thomas says

    Dearest Rugby, and Mama Sally, THANK YOU for including us in this blog!!!! We lubs you a big, BIG much. You both are bright, shiny, and warm spot every single day. I'm so blessed to have met you! <3 <3 <3

    • Sally says

      Sarah, you and Marley are sooo very welcome! I was so excited to feature Rugby's Fussbutts Furiends!! I'm so glad that Rugby and I can bring some smiles and sunshine to your day! It was simply amazing to get to meet you in person a few weeks ago!! I know I sure feel blessed that our paths have crossed in life!! Give that Marley a big belly rub from me and a good snack from Rugby! <3


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