Evolution of a Bath….

Rugby is by is not a fan of getting a bath.  He’s wonderfully cooperative to bathe, however, but I know he’s not a fan and would completely skip the process if I gave him the vote.  So here’s a little photo montage of a typical bath at my house, courtesy of Rugby James!

Pre-Bath Jitters....
Pre-Bath Jitters….His face says it ALL…..


And so it begins....
And so it begins….


Without the fluffy fur, Rugby looks a bit pathetic!
Without the fluffy fur, Rugby looks a bit pathetic!


Mother.....Help ME!!!
Mother…..Help ME!!!


  1. says

    Aw, don't you just hate the pitiful face they give you when getting a bath? It's all better when they tear around the house afterwards though, haha. Hang in there Rugby! 😄

    • Sally says

      Don't I know it!! My Corgis all loved getting baths, and often ran to the bathroom and put their little stubby paws on the side of the tub, eagerly waiting for me to help them into the tub. NOT Rugby! He looks as pathetic as a little dog can look!! But he honestly does seem to enjoy the after bath frap like crazy through the house!! Rugby says thanks for your support! 😉


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