Throwback Thursday: Mementos

I was going through Rugby’s toy box and choosing some toys that could be donated to another dog because they were things that Rugby no longer played with.  What a trip down memory lane….

With each toy that I picked up, I had a flood of memories and emotions wash over me.  I could clearly remember watching Rugby play with each one, and the memories and smiles were hard to ignore.  Some of the toys were napping buddies, or chew bones, some were fetching toys, but all of them were pre-pig toys with memories attached.  I really didn’t expect to feel sentimental about these little toys, but I sure did.

I think part of the meaning these toys hold for me is because of the meaning that they have held for Rugby.  Rugby is the very first dog I’ve owned who absolutely loves his toys!  He’s been crazy about them since the first day that he walked through the doors and into my heart!

When he first saw the five toys that I had gotten for him, his little eyes lit up with joyful surprise, and he ran right over to investigate!  He went from one to the next to the next as if he could hardly believe his good fortune to have found five toys that were his alone!  No sharing.  No bigger dog to push him off.  Rugby’s toys.  His things.

One little toy that I found made me smile from the inside out.  It’s a little blue ball of sorts, with two feet and a tail like a dragon.  It has a wonderful, obnoxious squeak, and it was such a favorite puppy toy of Rugby’s for many, many months!  It was one of his very first toys, and he loved to fetch that little “dragon tail” as we called it.  It was perfect for fetch, because I could grab just the tail to toss it, and escape getting a hand full of Rugby spit and slime!  It also bounced in silly ways, because of the feet and tail, and that provided endless joy since it wasn’t predictable in its play.

Well, as I held that little toy in my hands, a host of memories flooded my mind and emotions.  I thought back to that little dog who walked into my life but pounced into my heart in 2007.  I remembered so many things about those first days and weeks and months getting to know my little fur friend.

I remembered how he often chose that particular toy and brought it to me for a game of fetch.  I remembered how he also loved to just chew on it and squeak it over and over and over.  He never chewed it up, but took great care in playing gently with it.  He had another little toy that was similar, but it was green and had only feet…no tail.  They both had the same squeak, but for whatever reason, Rugby liked the “dragon tail” toy a whole lot more.

Needless to say, I couldn’t part with that little toy.  It had too many memories for me, and all of them were good.  It now sits on my dresser in my bedroom with a collection of other little mementos that have special and dear meaning for me.  This is a little toy I’m not sure I’ll ever part with, because it’s just one of those small physical tokens that will always have a special place in my heart!  Just seeing it makes me smile, and that’s a hard thing to pass up!!



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