Sunday Snuggles: An Oliver Update!

In case you missed things previously, Rugby James is sponsoring a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig that we named Oliver Wendell Piggleton. Oliver lives at a wonderful animal sanctuary called PIGS, which is tucked in the hills of West Virginia.  Oliver was dumped outside the sanctuary gates in the middle of the night, and left, injured, in the dark.  As soon as I saw his little face the next day, I was in piggie love, and I knew he had to be our little piggie! (You can read Oliver’s story in a previous post:  “Make a Difference Wednesday:  One Small Dog’s Dream. )

We set up a sponsorship for him, and even held an online auction for him to cover medical expenses and anything else that he needed to settle into his new home plus a small nest egg for any emergencies.  This past week, we were able to send PIGS Animal Sanctuary a wonderful check for $1937.38!!  This was made possible by a large group of dog lovers who cared that my little speckled and spotted hot mess of a dog got to see his dream come true!  Rugby has wanted his very own real piggie for as long as I can remember!!

I received two new photos and an update about Oliver this week, so I thought I would share an update with my readers!  He’s been in isolation from other pigs, to make sure he was healthy and so that they had learned about him before releasing him into a herd of other pigs. The wonderful PIGS staff have been looking after him, helping him gain weight and get healed up and healthy once again.  This past week, he has been cleared to join a small herd of other pigs, and I’m so happy for that progress.

He will have a wonderful grassy area with quonset huts to provide shelter, plenty of mud to wallow in and cool himself on hot days, and plenty of piggie friends for play and security.  The PIGS director tells me that he is doing just great and is very happy there.

From the photos, it looks like he’s gained a bit of weight, and his eyes look much happier and less guarded.  It’s clear that he feels right at home, and he’s settling in very nicely, which makes my heart soar!

Oliver is blowing kisses to his friends and supporters!! Photo courtesy of PIGS.

This next photo is beyond adorable to me!  Oliver is greeting Levi, one of the resident dogs who lives at PIGS, and is often the greeter of anyone who comes to visit!  If you’d like to know more about PIGS Animal Sanctuary, check out their webpage at  They care for all kinds of farm animals, as well as dogs and cats, many of which have special health needs that prevent them from finding forever homes. I’m so happy to have found PIGS, and just love knowing that my little “throw away dog” is helping a “throw away piggie” have a great life!!

Photo courtesy of PIGS




  1. Lisa Countiss says

    I love this story. And I am happy to be reminded of PIGS, a very worthy wallowing project! I don't know if we will adopt a specific resident, but we will definitely send them a "wallet wallow" at the holidays when we make most of our annual donations. Thanks for sharing...and for caring (for PIGS and other wonderful animal sanctuaries, and for your own little "throw away dog.") LC

    • Sally says

      Thanks so much for considering any kind of financial support to PIGS! They really do a terrific job of caring for their animals, currently between 400-500! AND, they do that with a paid staff of 10, and many, many volunteers!! This past week, they had over $8000 in vet bills alone, so keeping funding coming is a real challenge and worry for them! I know it warms my heart to know that one little "throw away piggie" is having a great life...courtesy of Rugby James and his caring friends!! <3


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