Saturday Snicker: A Piggie Staredown

It’s no secret that piggies rule in Rugby’s world.  He has such a sweet relationship with them, and he leaves me laughing one minute and feeling a sense of awe and wonder in the next.  I never know what he’s going to do with them, even seven years after bringing them into my home!  He has no end to creative fun with his piggies, and that’s a great source of entertainment and fun for me as well.

I was changing the sheets on the bed, recently, and of course, Rugby likes to “snoopervise” any projects that I have ongoing at home!  On this particular day, I came back into the bedroom to see Rugby snoozing on one of his pillows, almost looking as if he was staring down his little yellow piggie!  He was in a full sploot, with his back legs stretched out behind him, and resting comfortably on his pillow.

Little exchanges like these are sweet and always make me smile.  I hope it brings a smile to your face and lightens your load, whatever that might be in life!  Lots of love and a Saturday smile from Rugby James.





    • Sally says

      You could be completely right about that, Jan! Rugby's little piggies are so dear to him, that he might very well have been having a heart to heart conversation! 😀


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