Saturday Snicker: A Piggie Pawty

Every once in a while, I will walk into a room and see that Rugby has been hard at work.  He will often bring more than one piggie to wherever he is playing, and take turns playing with one piggie after the other.  Sometimes he lines them up in some sort of order, and other times, they are just randomly placed in close proximity to each other.

Scenes like this always make me smile.  It’s a snapshot in time from my little neurotic dog’s life.  His little piggies are his entire world, and when I see that he’s been hard at play with several of them, it warms my heart like few things can do.  If Rugby were a “normal” dog, and had a big world, this would look like one more mess that I had to clean up.   As it is, I see scenes like this as a piggie pawty where Rugby invited a few friends over for fun!

Since it’s the weekend, let me be the first to remind you not to be so caught up in projects that you forget to kick back and just make time for some lighthearted fun!

Have a little snicker for your Saturday, courtesy of Rugby James!



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