Sunday Snuggle: Post House Construction Snuggles

As the week of our recent home construction progressed, I stayed home during the day while the construction team was here, and then I ran evening training appointments, leaving Rugby home with Michael at night.  Rugby was very stressed during the day, of course, and so we wanted at least one of us home with him at night to help him de-compress from all of the day’s events.

Once the construction team left for the day, and Rugby had gotten some exercise, he often settled down for some snuggle time with me.  I had already decided that things were stressful enough for all of us, that I needed to make time for Rugby once the team was gone, because he had no idea what had happened to his peaceful and predictable world.  For all he knew, this was the new reality of his day-to-day:  strangers tromping in and on and around his house, and lots and lots of noise!!

Michael happened to take some photos of Rugby and I having a good little snuggle together, and this was one of the better photos.  I just really love this photo!  I mean first of all, you have to love our fish sheet that we use to keep fur off the sofa!  So cool, right?  But what I really, really love, is the silent communication between Rugby and I.  This photo says so much about the relationship that we have together!  If you didn’t know anything at all about us, I think that this photo would tell you all that you ever needed or wanted to know.

This is one of the photos I think that I’ll treasure forever, because it will always remind me of this moment in time….when the world stopped for Rugby and I, and we were able to silently speak so much love to each other with just a simple look into each other’s eyes.

Happy snuggles for your Sunday…




    • Sally says

      Thanks so much, Mary! It's really very, very special to me as well. Rugby has some really sweet eyes, and when he's in that quiet snuggly mood, he can really pour out the love and affection. This one is especially sweet because it was during such a stressful week, and we both needed to snuggle!!


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