Saturday Snicker: Olympic Pretzel Napping: The Torch

Rugby sleeps in such wonderful and amazing positions, I hate to think that there’s no Olympic event to honor him!!  He really could be in running for the gold medal, and I honestly think that he would represent the United States well!!

In honor of one of his sleeping styles, I’m calling this one “The Torch” because he sometimes sleeps with one leg straight up in the air….much like an athlete carrying the Olympic torch over his head as he runs!  I always have to laugh when I see him like this, because he really seems to defy gravity, and it just doesn’t seem to be possible that he can hold it steady in the air and sleep all at the same time!


I really think that this next photo would get him extra points for the lovely smile that he is sporting as he naps!  Clearly, he cares about his dental health, and isn’t afraid to challenge his competition with a smile as he sleeps!  He’s proud of being able to multi-task, and that surely should count for some extra style points!

Misc. Rugby 113

This photo shows off the lovely amount of long fur that he is able to grow between his foot pads, effectively creating slippers for those instances when stealthy Ninja-like skills are needed at home!  These are especially seen right after a nail trim, when no clicking occurs for a few days until his nails grow out a bit!
Misc. Rugby 115

Here’s to our dogs, who sleep in amazing and wonderful ways, creating lots of giggles and smiles!!  Have a laugh from Rugby James!



  1. Sarah Thomas says

    HAAAA!!!! I snorted laughing, and scared Marley enough, that he jumped!!!! I just LUBS this!!!!!! Oh sweet lil Rugby!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    • Sally says

      I can't tell you the number of times that I have walked in on the craziest sleeping positions! And the one that just makes me shake my head is when he's sleeping with a leg straight up in the air!! How does he DO that?! I'm so very glad to give you a good giggle for your day!! Belly rubs to sweet Marley!! 😀 <3


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