Sunday Snuggles: Nurse Rugby

Once in a while, in working with bigger dogs, I can get my back tweaked in a bad way.  Dog training can be fairly physical, and dogs are quick and don’t always think before they mug me, so accidents do happen!

This past week was one of those weeks, where I had a nerve pinched in my lower back, and needed to just rest it for a couple of days so that it would stop being angry with me!

Today’s photo is a really sweet one from Rugby playing nurse to me.  I had been laying down on the sofa to get my back into a comfortable position, and wouldn’t you know it….Rugby just had to curl up with me and keep me company!  He has the softest, sweetest eyes when he’s in a mellow, snuggly mood, and when he looks up at me like this….the love he feels just radiates from them.

These are the moments when I would stop time if I could.  I wouldn’t want to be injured, mind you, but I would love to stop the clock and the calendar and quiet my ever growing “To Do” list!  Special snuggle moments don’t come along every day, and I’m so glad I was able to capture the memory of this one.

Don’t forget to snuggle those you love….whether they have fur or feathers, or walk on two or four legs.  Make time to love and be loved.




    • Sally says

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Jil! Rugby is one of the cutest dogs I've seen, and I love sharing him with others! We all need a little reminder to spend time with what really matters in our lives! Rugby's a good one to remind me of that on a daily basis!!

    • Sally says

      Well, Rugby DOES expect daily piggie play and herding opportunities from me for sure, injured or not!!


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