Saturday Snicker: Pretzel Napping at its Finest!

It’s no secret that I get a kick out of Rugby’s sleeping habits!  After so many years with Pembroke Welsh Corgis, it really is hilarious to see what Rugby will do with his long speckled and spotted legs!  Corgis have adorable little stubby legs, and our dogs found some interesting positions to sleep in, but nothing holds a candle to how Rugby sleeps!!  (When Felicity hung her head over the top step and rested it on the next step down might have been the only exception to that statement!)

This is an old photo, since Rugby still has all of his teeth, but it always makes me smile!  He was sound asleep with his leg sticking straight up in the air until he heard me approach with the camera!  Fortunately, even though his eyes popped open, he didn’t move!  I was able to capture a great pretzel nap that is sure to make you snicker for your Saturday….courtesy of Rugby James!

Olympic napping 009


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