Product Review: Amber Crown All Natural Flea & Tick Collars

We are definitely not fans of fleas and /or ticks at my house!  Not in any way, shape or form!!  Living in East Tennessee, our back yard is honestly just woods, where lots of unsavory critters like fleas and ticks are lurking!  However, I’m also not a fan of chemical flea protection.  I used to use a leading brand that was topically applied between Rugby’s shoulder blades, but he went running when he saw me with the pipette.  I felt awful treating him with something that he clearly didn’t like.

I’m typically someone who prefers all natural products versus something that’s chemical, so I set out for something that would solve the dilemma in a great and passive way.  I tried an all natural spray, but Rugby acted like I was pouring hot lava on him so I knew that was going to be no better than the chemical treatment.

So I was very excited to try the Amber Crown All Natural Flea and Tick Collar!  Rugby tolerates a collar well, and these are 100% all natural, and organic, so it seemed like the best fit for Rugby.

When you hear “flea and tick collar” what do you picture in your mind?  I always picture something institutional looking, ugly, boring, and obviously a flea collar.  Yuck, right?  Our dogs have style and personality, so why shouldn’t their flea collars reflect that?

Fortunately, these flea and tick collars have plenty of style!!  That was evident to me right from the very start.  The collar arrived in a really attractive gift box, and when I opened the box, the collar was wrapped in tissue paper, so it felt like I was opening a present!

The collar itself looks almost like a necklace for your dog, rather than a collar.  The rust colored amber beads are beautiful, and the leather trim adds a nice finishing touch to the collar.  The beads are strung on nylon string, which is attached to the leather portion containing the buckle.


Rugby wears a 16″ regular collar, so ordering the correct size was a bit of a challenge.  One size was 14″-16″, and then the next size was 16″-18″.  He fell right in the middle of the two, and I wasn’t sure if the 14″-16″ would be big enough, so I ordered the 16″-18″ size, which actually might have been too big for him, based on the fitting instructions that came with the collar.  There was no way to make the collar smaller, so I sized it as small as I could and hoped it would still work well.  The instructions say that the collar should be fitted so that one or two fingers can easily fit under it.  But as you can see from the photos, it is much larger than that.  It actually hangs on Rugby like a really pretty necklace!

In truth, some dogs might be tempted to chew on it, if they wore it this loose, but Rugby is not interested in the least, so I felt safe using it with him.  I wish the leather part of the collar had been able to size it a bit smaller, and I hope that’s an issue that will be addressed by the manufacturer.

The instructions say that the collar must be worn for about three weeks before you can expect to see any results.  It is also recommended that you wash the beads in soapy water weekly, which is very simple to do in the kitchen or bathroom sink.

The collar has a slight pine-type scent and also produces a slight amount of static electricity in your dog’s fur, which repels the fleas and ticks so that they can’t easily jump onto your dog.  It’s completely safe to the touch and for all ages of dogs.  The instructions say that if you have a current flea infestation, you need to treat that before using the collar.  It’s a preventative device, not something that will kill fleas or ticks.

The collar will need to be replaced twice a year, or when the beads begin to shine, which puts it right in line with the costs I’ve seen for other comparable flea and tick products.

Shortly before I put the collar on Rugby, I noticed that he had started scratching more than usual.  He had no evidence of fleas, and he was due for a bath, so I gave him a bath and put the collar on him.  He’s worn it for about four weeks now, and the itching has stopped.  It’s hard to say if that was the bath or collar or maybe both.  I have seen no fleas or ticks on Rugby since he’s been wearing the collar.  We did have two ticks earlier this Spring, so I was really hoping that this collar would deliver what it promises.  At four weeks of use, things are looking good, and I’ve been pleased with the results that I’ve seen for Rugby thus far!  He doesn’t seem to mind wearing it at all, and that’s a big plus for flea and tick control at my house!!

Amber Crown sent one all natural flea and tick collar to Rugby James, free of charge, for my honest review.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.  I only review products that I think my readers will be interested in.





  1. Mary says

    Thank you! I have been looking for something for Reina...she does not appear to have fleas, but is doing the same as Rugby...scratching a bit more than usual!

    • Sally says

      Rugby is just not tolerant of a whole lot of fuss, and I loved finding something all natural and easy enough that he can put up with it! The instructions are a bit confusing, because they say that the proper, snug fit matters in how well the collar works, however, they say that if you're unsure about sizing, to choose the larger of the two, which is what I did. According to the fit, it really is too big, but it also seems to be working just fine! One of my clients ordered one for her Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, and she's only found one flea on him since he's been wearing it, so she's very happy too! Rugby has had no fleas, and no more itching! Good luck with Reina!!

  2. says

    We have another all natural product (a tag) that we have been using on the dogs, along with a spray too. It seems to work for Luke and Cricket, but we've been finding ticks on Sheba (they love her long fur). Thank you for sharing about this collar, I love how stylish it is and we hope to give it a try too!

    • Sally says

      I wondered about the effectiveness of the tags! I don't always keep a collar on Rugby, and I was hesitant to try those as a result. This little collar can easily stay on him even when I take his buckle collar off. Sprays just freak Rugby out, even though they don't have a nasty smell. He just stressed from the spray hitting his fur and getting him wet. We've got woods for a back yard, and I was concerned about fleas and ticks because of that! They are so hard to see when they get into Rugby's long, dark fur!!


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