Sunday Snuggles: The Calming Influence of a Polka Dottie Piggie!!

I don’t care how many times I see Rugby snuggle with one of his piggies, it makes me smile and warms my heart!  He most often tucks one under his chin when he naps, and I always feel good knowing he’s got his little “Piggie Security Blanket” with him in case something triggers him while he’s sleeping.

In this photo, you can see that he has a boo boo on his nose that was almost healed up.  He had gotten stressed one day, and rubbed it raw as his response to that stress.  He’s a very high strung, reactive dog, so having his piggies nearby really has become a security blanket for him.  I just love watching him choose to snuggle with them, knowing that they are a calming influence and help him manage his world safely.  He always has one or two nearby…just in case!

Happy snuggles for your Sunday….from Rugby James!

Does your dog have a consistent snuggle buddy?



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