Saturday Snicker: Independence Day Outtakes!

Rugby just really doesn’t enjoy photo shoots!  He often tries to escape in some form or fashion.  I only use my iPhone without a flash, so there’s no bright light involved.  He sees me with my phone in my hands quite often, so it’s not a foreign object to him.

I know that dogs are a bit weird about cameras pointed at them, and I know he fully understands when I have a planned photo shoot ready. I honestly try not to do these often, and I’m careful to not dress him up in weird outfits, which I love but he hates!  So I try to stick to the main and plain.

For Independence Day, I had simply attached a bow to his collar, but he acted like it was a ten pound weight around his neck.  Seriously! What a drama queen! *sigh*


Once I had attached the bow to his collar, he escaped to his pillow bed in an effort to blend in and avoid participating altogether!  I knew exactly what his response would be as I approached to get him, so I made a short video, which is just so much fun!

You can see the quick progression into invisibility…..the ears go flat against his head like a bunny, he squints his eyes, and then he lets gravity pull him down onto the bed, where there is an unusually strong gravitational pull around said dog bed.  I think he hopes that he will appear to be invisible to me at this point in time.

I generally have to scrape him up….while he looks simply pathetic….and plug him into our photo shoot.  He always gets excellent munchables, which he enjoys very much.  Without that small paycheck, I promise you, those ears would stay flat and he would absolutely glower at me!

So enjoy this outtake from our recent photo shoot, and have a snicker for your Saturday….all from Rugby James!

Does your dog enjoy the camera or avoid it like the plague?




    • Sally says

      Hahaha!! Isn't that just a great response from Rugby?! Every single time! He's such a character!! Belly rubs to Marley!! ❤️🐷

  1. says

    Once he learned that that camera means he gets treats, Luke was all over it. The girls know the same thing, but they act just like Rugby most of the time. Luke gets excited when he sees the camera so he is our chief model for posed shots most of the time, and the girls get more candid shots (and the only thing they will wear is a bandana, anything else is drama for them as well)!

    • Sally says

      So glad you've got one who is ready to smile for the camera!! I'm glad to know I'm not all alone in the "no muss, no fuss" department for decorating dogs!! 😉


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