Sunday Snuggles: The Lindsay Snuggles

I’ve used this photo in specific blogs before, but I’m highlighting it here, because it’s everything that I love all in one place!  It’s my only child with my only dog….snuggling in my office chair, and the love that explodes from this photo just makes me smile!!  Lindsay had been snuggling Rugby in her lap, giving big belly rubs and a few head kisses at the same time.  When I snapped this photo, Lindsay had just closed in for a quick kiss on Rugby’s head, and his little eyes are glazing over from the belly rub and kisses.

It just makes me smile.

I’m not sure Lindsay knew I was snapping the photo, so it’s even more special, because it’s a candid shot of the two, and that’s not something I get very often!  Like me, Lindsay can be a bit camera shy, so when I catch a candid shot, it feels great.  And honestly, what I also really love about this photo is that it captures a wonderful, small, snuggle moment in time.  It’s such a clear memory of the love that these two share together.  I love capturing little moments like these, because it’s these little moments all put together that make up a relationship for life.

And from this dog trainer/blogger, creating and improving those relationships with our dogs is what gets me out of bed every day.  It’s what excites me about work with dogs…watching owners fall in love with their dogs, and knowing that all across East Tennessee….this photo moment is happening in many of the homes of the dogs I’ve trained.

And that makes me smile too.

So even though this is a holiday weekend, full of family and fun and activity, please take a moment  and snuggle your furry best friend today. You’ll be creating a moment and a memory…







    • Sally says

      Thanks! I love this one too!! I don't have many of Lindsay and Rugby together, because Lindsay doesn't like being in photos any more than I do! This was just such a sweet candid moment, and represents so many special snuggle moments between the two of them! <3

    • Sally says

      Well doggies!! That's high praise coming from the queen of photo shoots!! It was fun to set up, and over time, I'm getting the hang of what looks good with Rugby. He really is never impressed with doing photo shoots, but he plays along pretty well with me!! 😉


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