Saturday Snicker: Another Pretzel Nap!

Rugby is not fond of photos.  He often flattens his ears, lowers his head and gives me a bit of an ugly stink eye!  So, when he’s napping, it’s the perfect time to sneak up on him and grab a photo!  He often opens his eyes to glare at me, but rarely is so upset that he walks away.  Usually the power of the nap pulls those eyes closed, and I can take some cute photos.

This photo is just so stinking cute!!  Michael was napping on the sofa, and Rugby tucked himself right behind his daddy’s knees, and in typical form, just turned himself into a pretzel to fit into a good snuggle spot!  He loves sleeping sunny side up, and it’s just anyone’s guess what his long legs will do once he’s asleep!

So enjoy a snicker, a giggle or guffaw for your Saturday….courtesy of Rugby James!




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