I Wonder Wednesday: Eighth Edition

There weren’t too many questions this week, so this will be a short post!  Keep those questions coming if you are curious about what life is like at our house.  We live a bit differently because of Rugby’s special needs, but we still strive to have good quality life, in spite of the anxiety and reactivity which drives much of Rugby’s behavior whether he’s at home or out and about.

Here are this week’s questions!

Question from Kathleen:  Since you commed to live with the mama and dad, have they ever had any other fur-leggeds besides you (any kitties or other doggies)? Or did you just have Rocky?

  • Rugby James:  Well, when I commed to live wif the Mama and the Daddy, we had two Evil Trolls what lived wif us.  The Mama finked that they was the first time what I had ever gotted to meet kitties!  I barked and barked and barked at them, and they hissed and spit and maked theirselfs big and scary.  The Smudge boxed me in the nose wif her paws really hard a bunch of times, and the Oreo just ran away from me, so I chased him, and he turned around and gotted all nasty wif me.  They is evil trolls, that’s just all.  Evil.  Bof of them!  Pfft!!

Question from Mariana:  Did the Lindsay live with the Mama and the Daddy when you first came to live with them? If so, how did you feel about her?

  • Rugby James:  Yes, the Lindsay lived wif the Mama and Daddy.  She was going to college, but she lived wif the Mama and the Daddy too.  The Evil Trolls was her kitties what was so mean to me.  I lubs the Lindsay a big much!!  She picked out my name for me, and she has always been a really good snuggler, and she plays fetch and piggies wif me too.  She lives very far away now, so I doesn’t gets see her very often anymore, what is sad.  But sumtimes we Skype, and then I can look for where she is hiding in the laptop!  It takes me just a lil bit to remember her when she comes to visit, on account of she doesn’t stay very long when she comes, and it’s a long time between visits.  But I still remembers her, and I knows her name, and I can tell her voice when I hears it!!  She will always be my girl what I lubs a big much!!

Question from Jackie:  Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror? What was your reaction?

  • Rugby James:  Yup….I has seed myself in lotsa mirrors!  I used to ride on the Mama’s shoulders a lot when I was littler, and sumtimes she would go to a mirror sos I could see myself on her shoulders.  The Mama maked a movie of when I seed myself in a full length mirror for the first time.  I wasn’t sure about the udder dogger what was looking back at me and what hadda dandy wagger just like mine!!  I was about eighteen months to two years old in this movie.



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