What Happens When I Get Home Every Day

Rugby is never happier than when his pack is all together!  He just loves knowing that the people he loves most are all in one place where he can see them.  I think that’s really true of all dogs.  They just like having their people nearby.  My little herder is also a bit OCD, and I think he really relaxes when he has us all where he can see us….because it provides multiple herding opportunities!

Typically, Rugby is my little shadow around the house, and he is never very far away from me.  I have three different beds for him so that he can be comfortable and nap in the rooms where I spend most of my time.  I got tired of moving the same one from room to room, so over time, I added one here and there, and he loves having a bed wherever I happen to be, because he usually wants to be right on top of me.

Rugby James:  The Original “Velcro Dog”!

So, knowing this about Rugby, you can easily imagine the big event it is when I get home from training dogs every day!  Rugby knows the sound of my car, and when he hears the car door and trunk slam, it’s bark city in my house.  It always makes me smile, because I know his little puppy heart is exploding with excitement, and I always look forward to seeing him when I walk through the door.


He usually has to make sure I’m really coming in the door, so he stands at the storm door, which is full glass, and looks as hopeful as can be as he barks at me.  Once he’s absolutely sure I’m coming inside, he runs to grab a polka dottie piggie, and the grunting begins!  As I come in the door, he typically holds me in front of the door with a piggie pressed against my shins.  As I push back against him, he walks me….or should I say herds me….all the way from the front door back to my office where I put down my briefcase and tote bag.

While I’m unpacking my briefcase, Rugby stands next to me, pressing his piggie against my legs/ankles/feet, grunting away on his piggie the entire time!  Is this as annoying as can be?  YES!!  A resounding YES!!  There are days when it absolutely drives me bonkers!  He is absolutely relentless when he does this!  He stays focused on his task at hand, and is honestly not easily persuaded to stop.

This is a habit that is so uniquely Rugby James!  What makes it so very endearing to me, is that I know how dearly he loves his little piggies, and when he brings anyone a piggie, that means he loves them a whole lot!  So every night, he grabs his piggie and herds me with it, as a way of sharing his piggie and his joy with me!

One day, while we were walking down the hall toward my office, I turned the tables on him!  I quickly turned around and surprised him.  I jumped toward him with a big, “HA!”  He wasn’t expecting this, so with a shocked look on his face, he looked up at me, and then took off to hide from me, carrying his piggie the entire time.  I went in the opposite direction and hid from him….and then I just waited.

In a very short amount of time, he came slowly creeping down the hall, piggie in his mouth, stalking me…even though he had no idea where I was.  Just as he got to the room where I was hiding, I jumped out at him with another “HA!”, and he gleefully ran away to a new spot and hid again.  I also hid in a new place.  This little game continues like this for a few minutes, and it’s a common thing that we do many nights when I get home.  On occasion he will run straight past me, and he seems to really enjoy  running the gauntlet when he runs right at me with his little piggie safely in his mouth!  He’s a very playful pup, and I just love this little game that we’ve made up together.

It’s never a dull moment at my house, but I can honestly say that coming home is always the very best part of my day!  Rugby always makes sure of that!!

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  1. Jil says

    Wow! Watching that video of Rugby herding you with his piggie was amazing. I had to see it to really understand. You are incredibly patient! I think it is wonderful that you didn't try to stop his little ritual - it seems to mean a lot to him. What a lucky little guy to have found you.

    • Sally says

      Thanks for your sweet comments, Jil! Training dogs all day HAS to teach you patience, because you simply can't rush a dog. They learn the way they learn at the rate that they learn, and you just have to be very patient and work through the process until they figure things out! Rugby does take his herding to a whole new level, but now you understand when I say that he loves to herd!! (And I think I'm the lucky one for finding HIM!) <3


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