I Wonder Wednesday: Seventh Edition

Question from Sheena:  I want’s to know if you ever catched one of those rascally chipmunks. I think they would be nom nom nom.

  • Rugby James:  Nope, I never has catched a chippymunk at my house yet.  I hears them chipping and when I run to catch them, they get into a hole, or under the fence or patio, and they get away!  I doesn’t want eat them, but I fink they might be fun to play wif, only they just likesa tease me and won’t play.  *sigh*

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Question from Tracy:  I want to know which is your favourite coloured pig

  • Rugby James:  What a good and foughtful question, Miss Tracy!  I has piggies what is all different colors, and lotsa times I really does have a very favorite piggie.  Usually it’s my newest piggie, but right now, I just likes all of my piggies pretty much the same!  I gotsa dandy new blue piggie, and I plays wif him a lil bit more than the udders, but I really plays wif all of my piggies.  I does like my noisy piggies better than my quiet piggies what doesn’t grunt any more, but sumtimes I plays wif quiet piggies too!


Question from Nina:  Wondering how you got to be sooo cute?????

  • Rugby James:  Oh golly!!  I didn’t do anyfing to get this cute….I just commed this way!!  I does fink that I has hamsome furs, and drippy chocolate brown eyes, but lotsa doggers is really really cute.  It’s just part of a dogger’s DNA!!  We’re generally a very hamsome lot!!


Question from Kat:  I want to know if you and Momma know how much we all love you 2? ❤️🐾😘

  • Rugby James:  The Mama has telled me stuff like this, only when you’re just a lil frow away dogger what keeps getting gived back, it’s hard to believe that Uprights lubs you for real and not just until they wantsa give you back again.  It feels really, really good to have a safe home wif rules what doesn’t change, and Uprights what is kind and consistent.  And there’s piggies too, so I got that much going for me too!!  Fank you so very much for lubbing us!  We feel the very same way about all of you!

Question from Jackie:  When you go to vetty vets do you see the same person every time and do they spend time talking to you first?

  • Rugby James:  That’s a really good question!!  I does see the same vetty vet mostly every time I goes, on account of she knows me and knows who I am.  It makes me less scared to see the same Uprights over and over, so usually I just see the same vetty vet.  She never does wear her white coat when she comes in on account of that scares me too, so she leaves it in her office and when she comes in, she sits right down sos I won’t feel nearly so scared of her.  She always talks to the Mama for a while, and gives me lil bitty ear scratches.  And she always gives me cookies too, so that makes it feel a whole lot better

Question from Lorraine:  Do you have any neighbors Rugby?

  • Rugby James:  Well, you know, Miss Lorraine, that’s a curious fing about neighbors where I lives.  We gotsa house on one side of us what gots a Upright living there what I sees sumtimes.  Then, we gots a house across the street what gotsa family living in it what I hardly ever sees.  And then, we gotsa house on the udder side of me and one behind me, only they goes away when the leaves come on the trees, and they come back when the leaves fall off the trees.  I doesn’t see them at all right now, and I doesn’t know where they wented to, only they isn’t there on account of I doesn’t see them.  I does hear the Uprights sumtimes, and I definitely hears their dogger bark, but I never can see them this time of the year.  I fink they is still neighbors, but I doesn’t know where they goes to this time of year!!  It’s a big mystery for sure!!

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