Saturday Snicker: The Small Bed Slither….

I just love watching Rugby sleep.  I’m not sure what it is about watching this dog sleep, but I never, ever get tired of it!

Rugby’s tiny dog bed is the source of so much laughter at my house!  It really is a few sizes too small, but because he loves it so much, I just can’t get rid of it!  He often really does curl up into a tiny ball in it, and then that little ball….slowly evolves into a slither….and he morphs into a slinky…..ooozing out of his bed and onto whatever surface is nearby.

You’ll notice that even though his bed is tiny, he often wants to bring his beloved little piggies to snooze with him.  Even though there’s hardly enough room for him, he always wants to include his polka dotted friends.  And that alone, always makes me smile.  A little nutter of a dog with his precious little piggie security blankets.


Enjoy a snicker for your Saturday….from Rugby James!

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