I Wonder Wednesday: Sixth Edition

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for us to answer your questions about life at our house, and Rugby James.  Be patient with us….if you don’t see your question, it will likely be answered in an upcoming blog!

Question from Sarah:  Mr. Rugby, I know I’m a little late for asking, but Marley wants to know if you like cheese as much as he does???? Also, does your Mamma ever burp you after meals???? I do sometimes…..Marley is an excellent burper!

  • Rugby James:  I lubs cheese!  I really does!!  Cheese is purty yummy stuff, and sumtimes the Mama drops sum on the floor when she is putting shredded stuff on her eggs or pizzas.  I turn into a Hoover what becomes a snack machine, and I’m scarfing up those shreds!  When I gotsa has a pill, the Mama always wraps it in American cheese, or sumtimes Velveeta if we gots sum at home, what is sweeter and purty gooey.  I lubs it so much, I just inhales the whole fing wifout even chewing!!
  • Mama Sally:  Rugby is an excellent burper all by himself, so I have never needed to help him out!!

Question from Jackie:  What does your mamma give you to eat when you have a funny tum? 

  • Rugby James:  First fing, if I gotsa weird tummy, the Mama calls the vetty vet and they talk about if I needsa go see her for an appointment.  Sumtimes I gotsa go in, and sumtimes, the Mama can give me sumping special at home.  The Mama isn’t a medical professional, so she always asks Dr. Denise what to do first.  She’s really good about knowing if it’s sumping what we can take care of at home, or if we gotsa come and let her poke and prod me.  She always tells us what we should do, and the Mama finks it’s a good idea to let your vetty vet direct fings in case it’s sumping really serious and an emergency!

Question from Mariana:  Do you ever sleep on the stairs with your head on a different stair Rugby?

  • Rugby James:  BOL!!  NOPE!!  I’m just not that silly!!  I likesa hang my head off the sofa sumtimes, but I hasn’t ever sleeped on the stairs like that goofy Corgi Felicity!!


Question from Reina:  I wants to know this….has you ever been swimmin’??

  • That’s a really good question, Reina!!  The Mama gotted me a little kid’s swimming pool on account of she fought it would be fun for me to splash around in on really hot days.  However, I gotsa tell you….I was not impressed in the least.  It looked like a giant water dish what I liked a big much, but I wouldn’t get in it.  So….the Mama fought she would just gently place me in it, and boy howdy, I was out of that pool just as quick as a bunny!!  Not a fan.  Nope.  Not a fan….not even a lil bit!!  When the Mama and the Daddy taked me up to the mountains for a hike and sum adventure, I gotsa poke around by one of the mountain streams.  That water is really cold, and I stayed on the rocks like a goat….jumping from rock to rock!  I’m definitely a land lover for sure!!


Keep those questions coming!!  It helps us know what you’re interested in, and gives us a chance to help you understand our day to day life in East Tennessee!!



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