Saturday Snicker: Felicity…the Original Pretzel Napper!

I remember this day like it was yesterday!  It was around the year 2000.  Felicity was probably 11-12 years old, maybe even older.  She was such a sweet, sweet dog, and I really can’t even remember a single naughty thing that she ever did….other than eating my pound of Christmas Jelly Bellies!  She was just what I would call an “easy keeper” because she was delightful and didn’t cause trouble!

Our house at that time was a split foyer, and so we had a staircase that separated both levels of our house.  Our stairs were carpeted, and Felicity really enjoyed napping at the top of the stairs, because she could keep an eye on the front door, and also on us coming and going up and down the stairs!

Well, one day, as I was walking through the house, I happened to see that Felicity was sound asleep in probably the most unusual position I’ve ever seen from a dog!  In fact, I thought perhaps she had died and I felt panic rise up in me until I realized that she was perfectly fine and dandy….just pretzel napping in a most unusual position!

Believe it or not, but she was actually sound asleep, and the top of her head was very nearly touching the first step down, bending her neck at a near ninety degrees to the side!  I have NO idea how she pulled this off, but this was not a one time event.  As she aged, she often sought this out as a “comfortable” place to sleep, but I always looked at her and shook my head….as I giggled!!

Enjoy a snicker for your Saturday….from Felicity….courtesy of Rugby James!






    • Sally says

      I just don't know HOW they do it!! Once I recovered from the heart attack Felicity gave me, it was really good for a laugh!!


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