I Wonder Wednesday: Fifth Edition

Question from Joyce:  So – what are your favorite foods and/or treats? Also, do you get any table scraps (human food)? If so – what are your favorite human food snacks? 

  • Rugby James:  Oh I always like food questions!!  I honestly like almost everyfing a lil dogger can eat.  My favorite foods is anyfing that the Uprights give to me!  Mostly the Mama makes sure I get really good treats, so usually it’s sumping like Lakse Kronch (see earlier blog post titled “Product Review:  Lakse Kronch”).  I’m allowed to have udder kinds of treats, only the Mama is purty careful so that I don’t get tummy trubbles, or get chubby, so I doesn’t get special treats very often.  Mostly I gets extra kibbles when I does training wif the Mama, unless we is working on sumping really tuff, and then I gets Lakse Kronch.
  • I gets one very special treat every week for grooming and nail trims.  Mostly it’s a chickie footie, but if we doesn’t have any, I getsa have sum kinda jerky treat like Salmon jerky or Chicken jerky.
  • The Daddy is purty good about handouts!  He usually always gives me a pizza bone if the Uprights getsa have pizza what I really lubs.  He always lets me lick out a yogurt cup too, and if he has tangerines or apples, I getsa have a lil bit of that.  The Mama makes special snacks for me from canned punkin (not pie filling….just real punkin), and peanut butter and plain Greek yogurt.  I gets those fings in Kong toys and frozen, or sumtimes in frozen ice cube trays.  In warm weathers, the Mama gives me a frozen ice cube for a bedtime snack.
These is the types of fings what the Mama gives me for a very, VERY special snack….about 3″ long in total each time.

Question from Ella Bella Bunny Butt:  Does it help your tummy to take Doggy Probiotics on a daily basis??  Or just when the vettie vet gibs you da medicines? 

  • Rugby James:  I doesn’t gets tummy trubbles very often and I does get probiotics when that happens if the vetty vet finks I needs it.  But sumtimes the Mama puts plain Greek yogurt in my kibbles and it kinda does the very same fing.  She just does a spoonful of it, and mixes it in wif my kibbles and Salmon, and it’s extra yummy….or sumtimes she just gives me a spoonful in my supper dish for an extra snack what I likes for special.

Question from Kathleen:  How are you doing with the washer now-is it still scary?

  • Rugby James:  What a good question, and you has a good memory….like a ediphant!  I was barking sum crazy barking at the washer every time the Mama was doing laundry, and that’s what you remembered so good!  Well, I’m doing better wif it.  I doesn’t go after it every single time now, just once in a while….it’s random.  Mostly what really gets me going is when it thumps really loud and the Mama gotsa re-arrange the stuff inside it.  When it’s thumping, by golly, I’m gonna bark and tell it to knock off that naughty noise!!  I’m the only one in this family what knows how to bark to save us!  Phew!  It’s a big responsibility!




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    New question for I Wonder Wednesday: To Rugby From: Chloe's Mama (Lisa Countiss)
    What is the best thing for doggers to do when there is a hard pounding rain of long duration, like earlier this evening, and they need to go wee. Is it okay to put some piddle pads in the garage or in a bathroom, for these unusual situations, or would that confuse a young pup who isn't housebroken yet?

    • Sally says

      Rugby James: Well, Mama Lisa, the Mama gotsa help you wif that one! She will get you going good wif the Housebreaking stuff on Friday! "I Wonder Wednesday" is for questions about me and life at my house or how the Mama helped me work frew sumping tuff. I doesn't get how to do Housebreaking, so you're gonna hasta wait to let the Mama help you on Friday! The Mama telled me that Chloe was adorable, though only she called her a "Pistol Pants Puppy!" Oh doggies.....hold onto your hats! Barroooo!!!! 😀

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    Second question from Chloe's Mama: Do little puppies need a four, five or six foot leash, or does it matter? We have a four-footer with six inch grip, making it effectively about 4 1/2. Do we need to buy her another one so she can have more sniffing area?

    Third question: We won't have so many questions after things get going, but how should we contact you so that you can answer at your leisure? Especially those late night questions that don't really require talk, just a straight answer? Like email, text your phone----or on this blog or web page. We forgot to ask when you were here!
    (Rugby, your Mama sure is smart, kind and fun, and she is not a nerd at all to be such a smart person. We were delighted to meet her, and Chloe even made a Welcome sign to help her find us! Lots of lubs to Rugby, the Leader of Little Piggies.)

    • Sally says

      Mama Lisa, the Mama uses a six foot leash wif me when she trains. The Mama will give you all of her contact stuff when she starts your first lesson wif Chloe, so I'll wait and let her tell you all of that stuff. You sayed sum really sweet fings about her, but let's keep that on the down low, on account of it just goes to her head udderwise! 😉


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