Memorial Day Tribute to Military Dogs

I love working dogs.  I really do.  There’s something really magical that happens when a dog is allowed to do what he is bred to do….in whatever form that takes.  As a dog trainer, sometimes I’m providing underlying obedience training so that a dog can go on to be protection trained, learn additional service commands, pet therapy work, etc. It warms my heart so much to have any part in helping a dog become a working dog.  I think all dogs are happier with some sort of a job to do.

I’m posting some photos today of dogs who serve in the military.  It’s hard to know how many dogs have died while serving their country, but more and more is being learned about the amazing tributes dogs make in protecting our soldiers.

Some of these photos are simply breathtaking as I marvel at the courage of the dogs and their handlers.

Some of the photos warm my heart as I see dogs snuggle with soldiers, knowing what a comfort and sense of “normalcy” they must surely provide for those soldiers.  I’m not even sure that all of these dogs are actually “military” dogs, but even a stray dog who provides love and comfort to a soldier deserves our thanks.  I know that any of these dogs are helping our soldiers perform their jobs better and stay safer.

Here’s a big salute and thanks to those all of those dogs….from Rugby James.


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