Sunday Snuggles :Big Bear Edition

If Rugby has a choice, he wants to be snuggling with me.  And I do mean snuggling.  It’s not enough for him to be laying on the sofa or Big Bed with me, but in his mind….if he’s not touching me, it doesn’t count!  So, he’s all about getting as close as a little dog can possibly get when it comes to snuggles!

I have to honestly admit, that after I’ve been training dogs all day, there are occasional days when I don’t really want a little twenty-three pound, fur covered, electric blanket wallowing all over me at the end of my day!  Once in a while, I ask Rugby to get off the furniture and leave me alone for a bit.  He will often choose to lay on my feet as his compromise.

When I really want to be left alone, I bring one of his dog beds near where I happen to be sitting, and usually, Rugby will go to his bed…looking wistfully at me the entire time.  So to remedy this, I bring out his Big Bear, which is basically a large stuffed bear, which only has stuffing in his head, and he’s a bit like a bear-skin rug.  He’s got shaggy fur, and Rugby really does love to snuggle with him.

So today’s Sunday Snuggle is a couple of photos of Rugby….all snuggled up with his Big Bear….and about six-eight inches from my feet!!  So find yourself a furry friend….and make place in your day for a good little snuggle on your Sunday!!



The view from the top, looking down on him. He lays right at my feet!


  1. NinaClaiborne says

    Love all your words about Rugby!!! He is so cute and so are you!!! Lots of little things to learn from you!!!!

    • Sally says

      Nina, thanks so much for your kind comment! I appreciate so much that you take time to read my posts and I'm so glad that you are grabbing little nuggets that will help you with your own dog! That's great feedback for me! <3


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