Saturday Snicker: One of our Daily Chats

Rugby is a dog who typically always has something to say.  He’s a talker!  Even when no one wants to hear what he has to say, it doesn’t damper his spirit one little bit, and he gives it a go!  Loudly, and with emotion!

From time to time, Rugby will do something I dearly love, and that’s carrying on a full conversation with me if I ask him questions and comment as we go along.  He’s a really good sport about it, and he talks to me with real depth in his bark, and facial expressions and body language that tells me that he is all in!

This video is from one of our little “office talks” and you’ll get a really good idea of his personality and enthusiasm in talking to me.  His little floofy wagger never stops wagging, and his eyes shine so brightly as he keeps up his end of the conversation.

So enjoy a smile for your Saturday…and a giggle or two….from Rugby James!



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