I Wonder Wednesday….Fourth Edition

Welcome back to our next installment of “I Wonder Wednesday” where Rugby and I can answer your questions about what life is like at our house, and any specific information about us that you’ve always wondered.

Question from Kathleen:  Do your mom and dad both go someplace at the same time, and leave you alone in the house? If they do, are you in your crate? Do you do ok in your crate when no one is home?

  • Rugby James:  Mostly the Mama and Daddy doesn’t gotsa leave at the same time, and that really helps me.  It makes me get all kindsa worried when bof of them leaves at the same time, on account of I gotted gived back enuff times that it scares me when all of the Uprights leave togedder.  But they gots different jobs, so it works out really good for us.
  • I always wait in my crate when they is gone, on account of that’s my really safe place so nuffing bad can happen to me there. They put sum of my snuggle pals in there wif me for my naps, and I always gotsa polka dottie piggie or two, and sumtimes a chew bone too.
  • Mostly I do just fine in my crate when they is gone.  They leaves the radio on for me, sos it’s nice a loud and that helps wif any trigger sounds what might happen when they is gone.  And if sumpawdy rings the doorbell or sumping, I can calm down a whole lot quicker in my crate than I ever can out in the house if there’s nopawdy to help re-direct me!

Question from Michelle:  Do you sleep on da bed or in a doggie bed?

  • Rugby James:  Fank you for asking this question, Miss Michelle!  I would likesa sleep up on the Big Bed like the Uprights does, only the Mama is really touchy about me getting grouchy when I’m deep sleeping and I get touched.  So, I’m allowed light naps on the Big Bed, and I can get up there for snuggles, only when it’s light’s out, I hasta go get into my own bed for the night.  I getsa nice bedtime snack when the Mama asks me to go to my bed, and even when I use my begging eyes, she doesn’t cave in, and I hasta sleep in my bed.

Question from Mariana:  I wonder how long it took the Mama to discover that you couldn’t sleep on the Big Bed anymore? 

  • Rugby James:  Well, it didn’t really take too long, on account of every time I gotted touched when I was really deep sleeping, I gotted ugly about it.  So…the Mama putted a stop to that right quick and telled me I couldn’t sleep wif her anymore!  When I say that I gotted ugly about it, I charged at the Mama, and I putted my teef on her arm and leaved bruises, so she has telled me no more overnight sleeps on the Big Bed.  As I has gotted older, I sleeps deeper, and dreams really deep dreams.  If I gets waked up in the middle of a dream and it startles me….I’m not awake enuff to know I’m safe, so I just react in an ugly way in case I gotsa protect myself.  It always takes me a minute or two to really wake up and remember where I am.  Because of that, I only get light naps or snuggles on the Big Bed, and when it gets to 9:00 at night, the Mama makes me get off and sleep in my own bed, on account of that’s when I sleep harder and deeper.  I know it keeps everpawdy safe that way, and I gots sunggle buddies and my piggies in my own bed!




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