Saturday Snicker: A Dogger Enjoys His Polka Dottie Piggie

Today’s short video is one that never fails to make me smile!  It’s a rare instance that Rugby plays with a piggie in this fashion.

Typically, he’s in a down on his elbows, biting his piggie and holding it with his paws so that it doesn’t squirt away.  When Rugby plays like this, I know that he’s completely relaxed and he’s feeling extra playful with his toy.

I love watching him play with these piggies in every single way he chooses.  I’ve watched him on a daily basis for nearly seven years now, but it always makes me smile, because these piggies are so very dear to my little polka dottie dogger!  They are far more than a simple toy.  They are his friends….his coping tools….his snuggle buddies….his playmates….and that’s a whole lot of fun in one little five dollar piggie!

I remember standing in front of the toy display looking at these silly polka dotted pig toys that had a goofy grin on their faces.  They were begging to be grunted, so I did!  And I giggled.  And I grunted again!  And I giggled some more.  As I looked at the price tag, and felt the quality of the latex, I was convinced that this would be a toy that would be destroyed in ten minutes.  Being frugal, I was trying to decide if the five dollar price tag would be worth ten or fifteen minutes of fun.  So I took a chance…

Who knew that these little piggies would hold such a special, special place in Rugby’s little puppy heart.   I can’t imagine life at my house without them!  Enjoy a little piggie play session for your Saturday Snicker!

And take a chance with your dog this week….sometimes the results are amazing….




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