Sunday Snuggles: Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers take on all shapes and sizes, and I’m a pretty firm believer that you don’t have to give birth to really be a mom.  Some of the finest women I’ve known who embody what anyone would describe as a “mother,” never have given birth, and they certainly didn’t birth me.  Being a mom is a heart condition.  There are many women I’ve known in my life who were wonderful mentors to me and so became “mothers” of some sort or another in my life.

Likewise, dog moms are a really special breed of people.  Even though we clearly haven’t given birth to our little furry “children,” many dog moms fiercely fight for their dogs in every capacity…diet, health, creature comforts, appearance, etc.  How dare anyone criticize our dogs or not appreciate them the way that we do?!  Suddenly, the “Mama Bear” comes out in us….and our protective nature comes to the surface!

I can nurse a sick dog with the best of them!  All rules go out the window when Rugby is sick!  I pamper and spoil him until he’s back on his four feet and ready to go!  He can’t tell me how he’s feeling, but I know….like any mom with their human child….when he doesn’t feel good.

When he’s feeling fully friskified….my heart soars, and I delight in watching his joy and playfulness.  He often invites me into the game, and that makes me feel like the top of the world!  He thinks I’m “cool” and wants my involvement in his games!  That’s some kind of special!!

In the early years with him, Rugby made me feel like the biggest failure as a dog mom, when I was unable to fix his broken places and give him a big life.  Because he had been shuffled around to so many new homes so early in his little puppy life, I had so wanted to give him a stable life where he would feel secure and safe, and enjoy going places with me.  However, that’s just not who Rugby is.  And, with some mental and emotional adjustments at my end, I have been able to accept Rugby for who he is and who he wants to be, and I can now see myself as a successful dog mom because I have put my focus on helping him become the best that he is!

It’s really not easy to let go of dreams.  And when dreams are completely dashed, it can be harder yet to have courage to try to dream again.

Rugby has been an amazing furry mentor who has made me a much better dog mom, because of who he is.  He is without a doubt, the hardest dog I’ve ever trained, and he’s not an easy dog to live with.  But anything that’s worth having means that there is work involved, right?  And looking at how far Rugby has come, and seeing the tight bond of trust and love that we have together, makes me know that it’s been worth all of hard work and effort to get to this point with him!

So for all of the hard working moms who champion their furry “children,” I salute you!  Don’t ever, ever give up in your efforts to make life better, and your relationships with your dog deeper.  Enjoy your pooch today, at whatever level you’re at with him, and know beyond everything else, that your pooch enjoys you!

Happy Mother’s Day from Rugby James!




    • Sally says

      Thanks so much, Mary Jane! Rugby will consistently choose my lap for snuggles...although he really does like to give everyone a fair shot! Thanks so much for reading the blog and taking time to comment! Happy Mother's day to you too! 😀


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