Throwback Thursday….The Crackrbox Corgis: Blithe

Most of the time we had three Corgis living with us, but we co-owned one of Felicity’s sisters, named Blithe.  I knew that I could only keep one puppy from the litter, and it was such a hard decision between Blithe and Felicity!  Felicity ended up being closer to the breed standard, and the better mover, but Blithe ended up with the better hips!  Go figure!  They both finished their championships, and I was so very proud to have bred both of them!

As the only two girls in the litter, Felicity and Blithe  stuck together and ganged up on the boys!  They were so cute together, and often snuggled and shared toys.  After all of the boys had gone to their new homes, and I was keeping both girls to see which one I liked better, the two of them liked to play on a small old shelf that I kept in the puppy room.  They slept double decker on the shelves, and played little biting games with each other as one would charge out and bite and then retreat.  It was so sad when they grew to big to play on their shelves, and I’m so glad I was able to catch a photo of them just settling in for a nap after some puppy play.

Blithe’s owners were a wonderful couple who gave her the most amazing home any breeder could ever possibly hope to find!  She went to live with them at sixteen weeks, but came for frequent visits, and remained part of our lives for many years.  She was handled with kid gloves her entire life, and loved so very much!

I do remember getting a frantic phone call from her mama just a few days after she had gone to her new home, saying that she was refusing her kibble and they were panicked that she was desperately sick!  I was naturally shocked, because she had made a great initial transition, eating her kibble well in the first few days, but stopping a few days later.

After some initial questions, it didn’t take long to figure out what was wrong!  Her daddy was the general manager of a four star motel that featured an authentic German menu, and they both really enjoyed gourmet cooking at their house!  Let’s see….for breakfast, Blithe was getting a scrambled egg, tuna for lunch, some plain yogurt for an afternoon snack….and….well….you get the idea!!  It took some talking to convince them that Blithe really didn’t need all of the indulgences in her diet, and she quickly discovered that her kibble was tasty afterall!

Blithe was a beautiful sable with the sweetest temperament and always showed very well.  She was easy on the leash, and easy on the eye! We often attended dog shows together, and it was difficult to see sister going up against sister, because Felicity really was the better dog, and often left Blithe in the dust.  However, Blithe finished her championship without difficulty, and rightfully so, because she was a beautiful dog. She was a really wonderful mom who produced one litter of very nice puppies.


There are days when I miss my puppy raising years so much it brings tears.  I loved breeding puppies more than just about anything I’ve ever done!  Seeing the joy on someone’s face when they are meeting their new puppy for the first time, and knowing that someone is getting a healthy, happy, well socialized puppy who is off to the very best possible start is one of the greatest feelings of satisfaction that I’ve ever known.  I was so blessed to have had really great relationships with all of my puppy owners, and loved staying in touch and helping them with their dogs over the years. Blithe was a very special girl who lives in my memory and in my heart….with all of the Crackrbox Corgis!














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