I Wonder Wednesday…Second Edition

Last week, Rugby and I started a new column we’re calling “I Wonder Wednesday” where we’re answering questions about life with Rugby James!  The questions have come from his Facebook page, and each week, we’re tackling a few more!  If we didn’t answer your question today, you can bet we will in a future column!  Just watch for it!

Question from Mariana:  “I wonder what you do when you have an unexpected visitor that you actually know? Does the Mama and the Daddy have to put you somewhere safe for a few minutes until you adjust? I wonder what that process is.”

  • Mama Sally:  I always follow the exact same protocol for Rugby when guests come over….whether they are strangers to Rugby or people that he knows better.  Rugby is a bit edgy, and his overstimulation can easily morph into aggression in the form of excitement nipping, so I keep things as chill as I possibly can.  He starts out in his crate in my office, and is generally calm in there within 10-15 minutes after someone arrives.  Once he’s calm there, I bring him out to where our guests are…on leash….and he goes to a placemat next to my chair where he can get some good loving and treats for being calm.  After about ten minutes there, he’s ready to do some tricks and move around a bit…ignoring our guests and focusing on me.  After about another ten minutes of work with me….he’s generally ready to do his meet and greet and he’s often fine after that.  It’s a lot of hoops to jump through, but he’s learned that the quicker he calms down, the quicker he gets what he wants!  Great question!!

Question from Reina’s Place:  “Does you likes to play fetch? I plays soccer..I luvs chasin’ the bally!!”

  • Rugby James:  Well, sumtimes I plays fetch, but mostly I lubs Pig Toss.  It’s a lot like fetch, only the Mama and the Daddy use polka dottie piggies for me to fetch!  When I was a lil pupper, I played fetch wif anyfing what maked noise, but mostly I like Pig Toss now.  Sumtimes I’ll chase a Frisbee, or play soccer wif a basketball too, only I doesn’t like those so much!

Question from Elizabeth:  “Do you like company to come over to the house ,whats your favorite treat?

  • Rugby James:  Well, mostly it’s very stressful for me when company comes over.  I likes it when it’s the Lindsay and sumtimes her friends what I know a lil bit.  They doesn’t get me too wigged out.  But when it’s strangers and repair guys and stuff like that….I get super stressed out, so I gotsa stay in my crate sumtimes.  My very favorite treat is called “Lakse Kronch” what is 100% Salmon and it’s very, very tasty!!

Question from Jackie:  “Just one question do you ever feel your training is complicated and wonder how you will ever learn it all?” 

  • Rugby James:  Well, the Mama is very good about breaking down complicated training fings into baby steps for me, sos it’s easier to learn.  She starts wif a lil bit, and when I figure that out, she adds a lil bit more and so on until I can put togedder the bigger exercise.   Just about anyfing is easy to learn if it’s in baby steps, sos that’s how we do it, and then nopawdy gets overwhelmed wif it!

Keep your questions coming!!  We love telling you about our life together!



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