Sunday Snuggles: What Happens When the Belly Rubs Stop?

Without a doubt, one of the best times of the day is bedtime, when Rugby gets up on the Big Bed for some bedtime cuddles and snuggles.  He often brings a friend or two, as evidenced from this photo, but then he’s ready for some cuddle time to get his little love tank filled up before the long night of sleep.

At my house, we start and end every day with cuddles and snuggles on the Big Bed.  Because Rugby becomes aggressive if he’s touched or moved when soundly asleep, he’s not allowed to sleep on the Big Bed with me, but he has his own super comfy bed and special corner of the bedroom…right next to the Big Bed, so he knows I’m near, all night long.

He’s usually glued to my side, mugging for belly rubs and face/ear strokes.  He has to shake hands, or give me a high five or something fun to earn that attention, but when I stop giving that belly rub….this is often the look that I get!  He flips his head around and looks at me with this expression of incredulity….all because I stopped!

Wishing you snuggles and cuddles with a furry friend for your Sunday Snuggle….all from Rugby James!


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