Throwback Thursday…Crackrbox Corgis: Felicity!

Schatsi is the dog who made me fall hopelessly in love with Corgis.  He was such an amazing dog, and I just loved everything about him….except maybe the shedding!  Happi was the little Corgi who captured my heart in every possible way.  When she died in my arms one morning I just didn’t know how life would ever go on without her.  But because I had bred her, I had her daughter, Felicity, and she’s the dog I’m writing about today!

When Happi whelped her first litter of puppies, I was pregnant myself, so that made her pregnancy and puppies extra special!  I was just over the moon at the thought of breeding dogs!  Raising wonderful puppies who would be another family’s dream dog was a bit overwhelming, to say the least! Once I saw Happi’s little brood, I was head over heels in love with all of them, and knew I could only consider keeping a show quality girl.

Felicity came into the world in the middle of the night, without a whole lot of fuss and bother.  Happi whelped so easily, and was the world’s best mama!!  She loved her little charges, and always gave them the best of care.  She had a really nice balance of calm and loving behavior around them, and I don’t think she was ever happier than when she had puppies to care for…unless you could count Lindsay as one of her puppies!  She adored Lindsay through and through…and Felicity shared her mother’s love of her family!

Felicity….the Toy Box Troll!

Felicity was such a fun puppy!  She played so well with all of her littermates, but she did really enjoy playing a game I called, “Toy Box Troll.” She loved to perch herself on top of the toybox, guarding all of the toys, and daring her siblings to try to steal a toy out from under her.  She was quick with a nip to squelch any brave interlopers!

I always called her my little “Valley Girl,” because she was so cute and boy did she know it!  However, she never liked to walk in the grass if a sidewalk was available, and when playing fetch with all of the other dogs, she never wanted to pick up the slimy, dirty object that had been in someone else’s mouth.  She ran along with them to be a part of things, but always looked horrified at the thought that she should have to actually retrieve something!

Felicity grew into a beautiful Corgi with wonderful body length, level topline and amazing shoulders!  Her sweet, soft brown doe-like eyes had beautiful eye liner and boy did she know how to use them!!  They gave her head such a sweet, feminine look.  She had finer bone than her mama Happi, so her face looked more foxy overall.  I always wanted to be first in the ring with her, because few dogs could keep up with her, and at times I even struggled to keep up with her!

Best Puppy in Sweepstakes at the North Texas Specialty

She was always a little more sensitive than my other Corgis had been.  Schatsi and Happi never knew any strangers, and were completely comfortable going anywhere and everywhere.  Felicity loved meeting new people as well, but she honestly never enjoyed the car much, and was a bit nervous ringside with strange dogs all around her.  She showed like a dream, but was very happy to be retired once she became a champion.

009 (2)
Felicity’s big Group Three win!

I was so proud of the honors she won while in her show career:  Best Puppy in Sweepstakes at the North Texas Specialty in 1990, Best of Opposite Sex at the Lakeshore Kennel Club Show in 1992, and third place in the Herding Group at the Southeastern Iowa Kennel Club Show.  Breeder judges were so encouraging and really loved her, so I was excited about the prospects of breeding her.

Because her hips had OFA’d only fair, I made the decision not to breed her, and she was retired to be a family pet and she loved that role in her life.  She was a wonderful couch potato, and she helped keep track of Lindsay as she was growing up.  She and Happi were so fun to send in to wake up Lindsay; they ganged up on her, and were relentless in getting her out of bed!

In her golden years, she had the most peculiar sleeping habit!  She loved to sleep at the top of the stairs, because she could see the front door, and easily greet anyone coming or going.  For some unknown reason, she started sleeping at the top of the stairs, hanging her head down onto the first stair down!  The top of her head would often rest on the actual step….causing a ninety degree bend in her neck.  I always had to look twice….fearfully thinking that she had died!

For a dog lover, there really is no feeling like the feeling of catching your puppy when she’s being born into the world.  I was there when she came into the world, and, years later, she died in my bedroom during the night, leaving a Felicity sized hole in my heart.  After she died, I couldn’t face getting another dog, and it was five years before I was ready to try again.  By then, we had a different house, with really steep stairs, and I knew I needed a dog with actual, you know, legs….and enter Rugby James!!  The Crackrbox Corgis left big paws for Rugby to fill!!





  1. Denise Baker says

    I'm smiling . I've heard you talk about Schatzi.........and now I know all about the stairs sleeper, Felicity.

    • Sally says

      Haha!! Felicity was my first homebred Champion, and she was precious!! SO doe-like in her face, and beautiful movement. She was sweet where Happi was a bit dominant, and she was so so easy to live with!! She left a 5 year hole in my heart when she left, and I just couldn't face getting another dog for many years. What a great girlie she was. But I'm clueless as to her odd stair-sleeping habit later in life!! That was an absolute hoot to me!!


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