I Wonder Wednesday….First Edition

Because I drive to the homes of my clients, I spend a lot of time behind the wheel of my car every week.  That gives me plenty of time to think, and ponder and think some more.  Many of my clients wonder what my day to day life is like with a dog like Rugby, and I thought perhaps my readers would feel that way too.

I try to blog about my life with Rugby, but there are things that I’m sure I miss from week to week, so while I was driving one day, I wondered about giving my readers the opportunity to ask their own questions about what life is like with Rugby.  So, I hatched the idea for “I Wonder Wednesday” where I can do a little question and answer about Rugby.  I posed this question to Rugby’s readers on his Facebook page, and today’s post are those questions and answers from Rugby and I, because you know Rugby has an opinion he’s not afraid to share with his readers!  I couldn’t fit all of the questions in this post, so if you don’t see your question, look for it next week!

Question asked from Poornima:  “I wonder, Rugby, if the Mama and Dad could take you anywhere they wanted, where would they like to adventure with you?”

  • Mama Sally (MS):  I just loved this question because I really can’t travel easily with Rugby, but I always dream about Rugby being a regular dog who gets to enjoy having grand adventures with me from time to time!  And really, I’m not one who enjoys a lot of travel myself, so this was an easy question for me to answer!  We live in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, and a mountain getaway would be the perfect retreat for us!  If I could take Rugby anywhere….I would get a remote dog friendly cabin in the Smoky Mountains, with a big porch and fabulous view.  I would take him on hiking trails and over little mountain streams and through meadows.  In my mind’s eyes, I can just see the delight in his eyes because I know he would enjoy the new smells, and frisking along ahead of me at times….veering off to chase a squirrel or chipmunk, and running back to make sure I’m still coming along behind him.  I can imagine us snuggling together on a big porch swing, watching the sun set over the mountains, and listening to the night animals singing their songs to us. And in my mind, when I dare to dream such dreams, I always see the relaxed, happy, excited little dogger that I know Rugby wants to be.  If ever I can find a cabin getaway that is safe for Rugby, I really would love to take him on a grand adventure…even if it’s only for a day or two!

Question from Tammie:  “Rugby, do you ever like to play with other doggers?  Also, what are your favorite treats, Rugby?”

  • Rugby James (RJ):  Well, I has had sum dogger furends before, but mostly I doesn’t feel very safe around udder doggers.  The Mama has had sum puppies what she has trained what needed an older dogger to help school them, so she has letted them come and stay for a few days.  I has maked furends wif them, but they doesn’t come over anymore and they all growed too big to play wif me.  It takes me a very long time to warm up to a dogger, and I doesn’t likesa have rough play very much.
  • And that’s a hard question about the treats, on account of I likes just about anyfing the Mama gives me to eat!  Mostly I lubs treats what is meaty instead of biscuits, only I gets bof of them sumtimes.  When the Mama grooms me, I getsa have a really special treat like a chicky feetie, or sum kind of a meat jerky treat.  It’s a super special kind of treat what I doesn’t ever get any udder time, so it’s extra, extra special!

Question from Sookie Fluffibunnikins:  “Where is your favoritest place to go with Mama, Rugby?”

  • RJ:  Oh that’s super easy to answer!  I lubs to go anywhere at all wif the Mama.  I just lubs to get included in going places wif her, as long as I can ride in my crate and we doesn’t hasta get out around the scary stuff what makes me wig out!  The udder place what I really lubs to go wif the Mama, is our back yard.  It’s all woods back there, and we doesn’t gots hardly any grasses, so the wild stuff grows tall around me, and it’s great to poke around and hunt for stuff.  And when the Mama is on the patio, I can run back and forth to check on her and make sure she’s watching me run fast and explore!  It’s more fun to be outside when she’s out there wif me, and I like it best when she’s not doing nuffing but just hanging out wif me and we doesn’t hasta rush or nuffing.  That’s really the bestest of all!!






  1. Tammie Crane says

    I enjoyed reading your answers, especially to my questions, I'm Tammie. Rugby how do you do at the vet? I know my doggers get very nervous. Do you have any other favorite toy's other than piggies? Rugby we know Momma's favorite place to take you would be a secluded cabin in the Smokey Mountains. Where would be your favorite place other than the back yard where you obviously feel safest. What about a secluded beach would you feel safe there playing with Momma in the water and on the sand if there were no other people or strange doggers?

    • Sally says

      Thanks so much for reading the blog and taking time to comment, Tammie. We've added your new questions to our "I Wonder" list, so look for them on future blog posts! 😀


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