Saturday Snicker: I Vote for a Nap!

Rugby loves a good nap.  He’s always played hard, and when he sleeps, he’s all in….whether it’s a nap or bedtime.  His sleeping positions have been the source of many giggles at our house!  His long legs are all over the place, and he never seems to know what to do with them.  On occasion, he’s sleeping and they are straight out…just hanging in the air defying gravity!

Today’s Saturday Snicker just makes me smile!  Rugby’s front leg was sticking straight up in the air, and just as I was sneaking up to take the photo, he opened his eyes….which is typical.  He looks like he’s raising his paw to vote for something, and since he’s all comfy on the sofa, I would guess he’s voting for a Saturday afternoon nap!

Have a snicker for your Saturday from Rugby James!  And vote yourself an afternoon nap too!


Olympic napping 011


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