Sunday Snuggles: Rugby Relaxing in His Bed

One night recently, Rugby was in a really mellow mood, because he let me snap several really nice photos of him all tucked up in his bed.  He rarely ever cooperates for photos, and generally flattens his ears and sort of glowers at me once he sees my phone in the “pupparazzi” position!

What I love the most about this photo are his amazing eyes!!  I love the depth of soul behind Rugby’s eyes.  They are liquid chocolate drops, and I love the the guy-liner and little pencil marks at the outside corner of his eyes.

He really looks relaxed in this photo as well, and that’s also something that I really like.  He spends so much of his time all spun up, that it really is wonderful to capture photos of him when he’s fully relaxed.

Happy snuggling with your furry snuggle buddies from Rugby James and me!!










    • Sally says

      Awww.....Karen you sure know how to make a Mama's heart swell with pride!! Thanks so much for loving my boy!! <3

    • Sally says

      That's really cute, Sarah!! Marley sounds like quite a little character! Thanks for taking time to share this with me!! Belly rubs to Marley!! <3

  1. Karen Laferney says

    Rugby you are a most handsome dogger!! Love to see pictures of you when you see happy and relaxed.
    Your mamma is right though, better to be careful not to trip your hoomans with your piggies!! If they try to run out a head too far, you will have to teach them how to behave. To not hurt the mamma!!

    • Sally says

      Thanks, Karen! He takes herding responsibilities to a whole new level, that's for sure!! He trips me multiple times a day, I can assure you...and seems very pleased with himself in the process!! Bol!!


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