Saturday Snicker: Goofing Around, Upside Down!

One night this week, Rugby and I were in a playful mood, and we were doing some gentle, playful wrestling on the Big Bed.  I had my hands under the blankets, and I was gently grabbing his paws and he was pouncing on my hands and chasing my hands under the blankets as I quickly moved them back and forth.

We included plenty of piggie play as well, and all of the grunting business gets Rugby really in a silly mood when he and I are playing together!  It’s a very sweet game that we share, and he often starts it on his own, and invites me to join in his fun!  He really likes to initiate play, and it’s always fun when I can oblige him and let the world stop for a bit while we play together.

On this specific night, as I was playing with him, he had rolled onto his back and happened to look up at me.  I had my camera at the ready, and I caught this upside down photo of Rugby….Bubba teeth in full glory!!  You can see his beloved piggies in the distance, always ready to grab and include in the fun!

What I really love about this photo is the look in his eyes!  They are big, and his pupils fully dilated from all of our exciting play.  He was all in on the game, and really having the time of his life!  I had just come home from a day of training, and he was beside himself with joy and excitement!  I’m sure he waited all day for me to come home and play with him, and he was having the time of his life!

This is one small snapshot that records a wonderful moment in time.  Just one little snapshot.  One little moment in time.  One evening of play out of hundreds of play sessions together.  The older I get, the more grateful I am for moments like this one.  This is the stuff that makes up life.  This is what matters.  These are the times that I never want to forget….




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