Sunday Snuggle: The View From My Side

If you’re a consistent reader of the blog, you know that Rugby is the biggest snugglebug this side of the Appalachians!  It’s not enough to be in the vicinity, but he must be touching, and often wants to be laying at least half on me, if he can manage it!  Truth be told, I think it’s a ploy to keep the laptop off of my lap so that I have no choice but to notice….and snuggle….Rugby James!

I’ve had a couple of viruses this Winter, so I’ve had a few days of bed rest, and Rugby is always a bit excited when that happens!  He loves days when I stay home all day….or for any part of the day, for that matter!  He just really loves to have me home, and if I’m in bed…he’s beside himself being the nurse…and snuggles is the prescription for healing, according to Rugby James!

If he can manage it for our bedtime snuggles, he enjoys laying right on top of my lap…on his back… little front paws folded up like a Praying Mantis, primed and ready for belly rubs!  He really loves to snuggle like this and let me stroke his face and ears, until he falls asleep.  I love doing this once in a while…..because he would get spoiled in a hurry and demand it daily if I’m not too careful with him!

It brings back my own bedtime memories of my very special Dad, who always read me Winnie-the-Pooh stories every night, and stroked my face….until I fell asleep.  Those are some pretty special childhood memories, and I know that I’ll long remember my Rugby James snuggles as well.

So happy napping….and snuggle someone dear to you….especially if they have a fur suit!






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