Rugby James: Yard Snoopervisor

Yesterday, I told you a little bit about how Rugby likes to snoopervise my daily routine as my little furry shadow!  Well, to be perfectly honest, his snoopervising duties don’t stop at the door!  He is the master of his yard!

Our back yard is fenced, and this time of year, I love to leave the back door cracked open for him, and Rugby will come and go throughout the day anytime that I’m home with him.  He loves having that freedom to go check out his yard or snoopervise me with whatever I happen to be doing.


One thing to know about East Tennessee, and that is that it’s rare to find a flat yard!  We had a flat back yard for five years with Rugby when he was a young dog, and it really was perfect for him!  He absolutely loved to race from one end of the yard to the other as fast as he could go!  I’ve never seen any dog express more joy than when Rugby was running as fast as his legs could carry him.  It really was poetry in motion, and Rugby would run like that for a good two hours, or until I had to move along to other things and couldn’t watch him in the unfenced back yard any longer.

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But we really wanted him to have a yard with a fence, so that he could really just enjoy being outside more than we were able to allow, so we moved to a home with a fenced back yard two years ago.  We lost our level back yard, and gained woods instead.  Rugby was seven when we moved, and we worried that he would miss being able to run as fast as he had been able to in our previous home, but really, Rugby seems to just love his yard.

We love having nature right at our back door, and frankly, I think Rugby really loves it as much as we do!  We don’t have the same number of birds landing in the yard which he always chased, but we have far more squirrels and….we have chipmunks!  Oh does he love to check out the chipmunk situation in the yard!!  They sometimes run under the patio, and Rugby loves to sniff along all of the edges to see if he can catch one!  He can recognize their little “Chip, Chip” call, and that will often get him running out the door to go chase them!

019 (4)

Rugby is definitely not one of those dogs who enjoys staying out in the yard by himself for long.  He will stand on the patio and survey his domain like royalty!  He has a good vantage point to see the whole yard, and he will often stand and wait until he sees movement, and then he’s off like a bullet and down the little hill to chase off the interloper, and run a lap around the perimeter for good measure!

But true to form, Rugby is never happier than when I’m out in the yard with him.  He will stay out in the yard for hours, as long as someone is with him!  So…when I’m working from home, and the weather is pretty, Rugby will sometimes come to me and pester me to come outside and hang out with him.  If my work is something that I can do outside, I’ll often move my home office to the back yard, and set up camp on the patio to keep Rugby company.  I’ll put one of his dog beds out on the patio next to my chair, and that little dog is in hog heaven!  He really is!

Our yard is quiet, and shady, and peaceful.  All of us need that environment to refresh us every day.  It’s a great place to enjoy morning coffee….with my little shadow of course, and at night, the spring frogs sing us to sleep with their lovely croaking.  It’s wonderful to have a place that’s safe and secure for Rugby.  He is thriving in this environment, and that’s evident from his daily smiles!


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