Sunday Snuggles: Last of Winter Snuggles

Rugby honestly never, ever misses a snuggle opportunity!  He begs to snuggle like no dog I’ve ever shared my life with before!  It’s not enough to be in the same room….or at the end of the sofa or bed.  Rugby wants to be as close as he can get….and the closer, the better in his little puppy mind!

We tend to keep the temperature in our home a bit on the cool side, so I often have blanket throws around for some quick warmth.  Any blanket movement is an automatic invitation to Rugby, and when he sees a blanket come out, I can see the immediate hope light up his eyes, and he suddenly is very interested in my lap!

This is actually a photo taken around Christmas, because he was wearing some illegal hot chocolate that he snagged from a mug!  I just love this photo, for so very many reasons:

  • It’s rare to actually capture him sleeping with his eyes closed!  He has a sixth sense for a camera, and always opens his eyes at the last minute.
  • Rugby loves to sleep on his back, and he often folds his little front paws down on his chest.
  • His coloring looks so genuine….and the deep guy liner that frames his beautiful eyes is so pretty here.
  • His face just looks blissful to me….like he doesn’t have a care or a worry in the world.  And considering that he’s a little dog who worries all the time, it’s moments like this that I cherish.

As you celebrate Easter today, don’t forget to snuggle your pups and loved ones.  Memories are so very precious, and this moment is one snuggle I don’t ever want to forget!

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