Sunday Snuggles: Precious Paws

One day not long ago, Rugby and I were snuggling up on the Big Bed.  We were both in a mellow mood, and it was getting close to bedtime for us.  I had my hand out, and Rugby placed his little paw in it, and just held it there.  Normally, he’ll paw at me, or touch me and withdraw his paw, but on this particular day, he just put his paw in my hand, and left it there.  It’s like he just wanted to hold my hand.


Be still my heart.

It was one of those rare moments in time that I was able to capture with my camera, and I know that it was an absolute gift to me.  This was a special moment in time, and I wanted that moment to last a long, long time.

This photo is one of my very favorites of all time.  His little speckled paw looks so very small, and I was reminded just how fragile our dogs really are.  My hands aren’t large, but it was so much bigger than Rugby’s paw….which made me remember again just what a responsibility I have to keep him safe and make him feel secure in my love and home.

The human world is so scary to a dog….and they honestly are at the mercy of the humans who run it.  To think of my little treasure wrapped up in fur being re-cycled from home to home….to shelter… rescue… foster……to MY home…overwhelms even me!  I can’t imagine how terrifying so many things were in Rugby’s first year of his life….when I would have wished for him to have had a carefree puppy life…full of fun and exploring….and adventures…..and love…..and security….and safety….and trust.

It’s moments like this, that sober me to just how blessed I am that Rugby and I found each other.  I can’t imagine my life without him in it, and I know I’m a better person and dog trainer, because of his influence on me.  I hope I never take his trust in me for granted.  That’s sort of what this photo represents to me….his trust and his friendship given to me, and our deep relationship that we’ve built together.  We really ARE a team….my little hot mess of speckled and spotted fur…and me.






    • Sally says

      I'm so glad you liked it, Mary Jane. I'm so glad I'll have that memory tucked away in this photo! <3

  1. Michelle says

    I can see why it's a precious photo, Sally. You help remind me of the way Spencer and I karmically found one another and what an honor it is to share our lives together. It's good to be reminded! While I always love him, it can be all too easy to cut a walk short cause I'm tired from work---forgetting that my little guy has spent a day waiting for 1:1 time with me. He asks so little of me, but he gives so much when I allow myself the honor of being present.

    • Sally says

      Michelle, I think when you can be aware of the things that I consistently hear from you....well, you're one great pet parent, and Spencer has a wonderful life with you!! Thanks so much for reading and sharing from your heart! <3


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