Sunday Snuggle: Those Quiet Moments Together…

Quite often, I’ll glance over at Rugby, and he will just be staring at me with the softest, prettiest eyes!  His eyes are very expressive, and it’s not hard to feel the love that radiates from them.

I always try to imagine what’s going through his mind:  “I’m so happy you’re my Mama”….”I lubs the quiet times when nuffing is going on and we can just be togedder”….”I hope you’ll look at me wif the same lubs in your eyes, Mama”….”When’s supper, and what are we having?”

To me, the best sort of friends are ones who can just hang out with you….without saying a word….for hours on end.  Friends that are comfortable and cozy and don’t need to be “entertained.”

Rugby is a lot like that.  Sure he likes to play, and he does like to be entertained sometimes….no doubt about that.  But I honestly believe that some of our very sweetest and favorite times together….are when we’re just quiet together…..and he looks at me with those amazing, expressive eyes of his.  They melt my heart over and over….day after day….week after week.

These are the memories I cherish in my heart of hearts.  Enjoy a Sunday Snuggle from Rugby James.

Please click on the link below to see a short video of Rugby!




  1. Michelle says

    So sweet! I've been noticing that Spencer seems to sense when I'm laying about because I don't feel well versus when I'm being lazy. He's not as tolerate of the latter! But if I'm sick, he's right there...

    • Sally says

      My Corgis would have been in Spencer's camp with all four paws! For many years, Rugby didn't seem to have any empathy for someone who was sick, or injured. He seemed oblivious to anyone else's needs, and was very pushy and rude to get his own way. That all changed when I had a really bad ankle injury in 2011! I had a three month recovery, and was in so much pain initially, that to this day, if I even make the smallest wincing sound, Rugby is right there with his face in mine, licking, nuzzling, and being very, very concerned. He really cares about his pack now, and it's a wonderful quality about him! Belly rubs to Spencer!! <3


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